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Death is now a customizable feature in Fallout. Decide what gets left behind, where you respawn, and more!

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Death matters changes the way death works in fallout 4. Tired of save scumming your way through an immersive playthrough or looking to to give your player's life some kind of value? Then this mod is perfect for you!

Presets are available under Difficulty Settings >> General >> Presets
1) Death Matters
  • All items and Armor is left behind on body
  • Companions are dissmissed on death
  • If you die again before reaching you old body, all will be lost
  • In order to respawn you must start again as a generic settler at your closest owned settlement
  • The replaced settler starts out with an outfit and a few basic items
  • A Quest will allow you to find your old body after death
2) Death Lite
  • No body will remain after death, you will keep all of your items
  • companions will remain with you
  • You will respawn at the closest settlement to you, whether owned or not
3) Rogue-ish
  • A body with only your equipped armor will be left behind on death
  • Companions will not be dismissed after death
  • If you die again before reaching you old body, all will be lost
  • You will respawn at a random settlement on the map, whether owned or not
  • You will not be able to save unless you sleep
  • A Quest will allow you to find your old body after death

  • Body (Can only pick one at a time)
    • Caps Only
    • Body w/ Armor Only
    • No Body
    • Body w/ All items
  • Respawn (Can only pick one at a time)
    • Nearest Settlement
    • Nearest Settlement(Owned)
    • Random Settlement
    • Settler Replacement
  • Retrieval
    • Old Body Removal
    • Body Tracking Quest
  • General
    • Disable Saving
    • Companion Dismissal

I'd love to hear more ideas for settings/presets!
This mod works very well in combination with Survival mode! Instead of losing hours of progress on death, you are able to respawn at a settlement and recover your things.

Note: The Mod is not enabled until you acquire a settlement

New Features:
  • Difficulty can now be completely customized.
  • Various options can be set tailoring death to your liking!
  • Settings relate to your dead body, respawn location, retrieval and more.
  • Also includes a few difficulty Presets to try out.
Bug Fixes:
  • Added missing Quest script fragment preventing recorvery quest from starting.
  • Fixed bug related to outfit selection.
  • Adjusted marker positioning on body.
  • Removed extra vault outfit given to clone.
  • Fixed bug where lost armor would lose upgrades.
  • Fixed health bug cause by radiation death.
  • Fixed bug causing stimpaks to heal radiation
  • Fixed bug giving player incorrect number of caps when holding >65,000 in "Caps Only" mode
  • I'm POSITIVE there are many more bugs so please report what you find!

  • Hopefully with this change everyone should start seeing the body recovery quest. I'm so embarassed that I forgot to include the quest fragment after all this time but I guess its just beginners luck. I know settings customization was requested by a lot of people so I hope people are happy with the way I chose to implement it.


New Features:
- 3 New Difficulty Options:
1) Caps Only: Player drops all caps on death, no settlement affects, player respawns at closest settlement
2) Full Retrieval: Same as the first version of the mod, all items and armor is dropped with the players body
3) Death Matters: Same as Full Retrieval but player can only save after sleeping
- Enable/Disable Mod Option

Bug Fixes:
  • Mod will now start when you gain any first settlement(instead of just Sanctuary)
  • Player is now removed from power armor on death
  • Boston Airport Settlement removed as respawn location(can't recruit settlers there)
  • Death Matters Holotape is now an essential item
  • Player should no longer replace unique settlers
  • Fixed bug where reloading an unmodded save would fail to start mod

  • I've seen many comments about the player remaining essential after removing the mod. The new "Disable Mod" option should fix this by making the player non-essential again, causing their death to load a save. Hopefully removing the mod after using this option will stop the player from being essential. If this is still not working please leave a comment about it, this is a pretty big issue.
  • Other than that I wanted to say thank you to everyone that's tried my mod, I know it can be buggy and strange at times but it's my first mod and I don't have any plans of abandoning it anytime soon.
  • Probably the most requested thing I've seen is more immersion/lore integration with the mod. I think this is a fantastic idea so soon I'm going to begin working on another more quest and story based version of the mod. In this version Death Matters would be integrated into the vanilla game and have its own questline and locations. This version will probably be released as a separate mod with its own page but both mods will be maintained and updated(though it might be slow).


  • This mod has no other requirements
  • To install just unpack files into your "Fallout 4/Data" folder


Does this mod support the DLC?
  • For 1.0 there will be NO support for the DLC, dying there will probably send you back to the commonwealth. However, if people are interested in having the DLC support I could look into a patch supporting it.
Are there more planned features?
  • I have a few ideas for other features, such as special enemies around body, custom death notes, hireable recovery NPCS but I'm also open to suggestions for other features.
This mod is not very Immersive. Will you add more immersion or story integration?
  • I want this version of the mod to serve as an alternate death system that people can use with other mods or vanilla or whatever they want. However, I'm planning on starting a new version of the mod soon that will follow a questline and integrate some of the ideas of Death Matters in the Fallout 4 Main Game. It's probably gonna take awhile unless any other modders would be interested in working together.
How come my face is the same if I'm a "new" character?
  • As far as I'm aware, in vanilla Fallout there's no way to change the player's face via scripting. I could do this with F4SE but for the main release I wanted no dependencies.
How compatible is this mod with other mods?
  • I haven't tested compatibility too much but this mod has 0 dependencies on other mods so it should be somewhat compatible.
  • Mods that remove or heavily modify vanilla settlements will probably break this mod since the settlement information is checked when respawning.
Why are there so many item removed notifications after I died?
  • Because you carry too many things.
Why did I respawn so far away from my body, I have a settlement closer than this?
  • This happens because there are no non-unique settlers for you to replace at the closest settlement, so the next closest was checked and so on.
Is the script code available anywhere?
  • Yes, all code had been uploaded to my github here:

Known Issues
  • Notification for every item in inventory after death.
  • Player remains essential after disabling mod and loading modded save.
  • After dying once with the mod, reloading a non mod save without restarting will not start mod