Zombie Walkers by Joe Forsyth
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Added: 08/12/2016 - 02:04AM
Updated: 12/10/2017 - 03:42AM

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***** Zombie Walkers *****
This mod overhauls Feral Ghouls and turns them into slower Romero-style Zombies.

Blog/FAQ: http://www.zombiewalkers.net

***** Feral Ghoul Overhaul *****
Renamed to Zombie

All Zombie levels scale with the player.

Movement Changes
- Sprinting has been disabled.
- Running speed has been greatly reduced (less than player walk speed).
- Dodge/180-turn animations disabled.

Attacks Changes
- Attack types with animations that involved sprinting/diving have been disabled.
- Attack base damage is doubled (15 to 30).
- Reduced attack speed.

Durability Changes
- Health was not changed, though level scaling with player will increase most Zombie health.
- Disabled evade animations
- Damage percentages have been changed to encourage headshots

Spawn Variety
- randomly spawn with different skin/clothes
- if Far Harbor installed, the Fog Ghouls will also be used

***** Holotape *****
A holotape for configuring optional features can be crafted at any Chem Station under Utility. All optional features below are configured by this holotape.

***** Optional: Infection Settings *****
NPC Resurrection - Zombies that hit any human NPC cause them to raise from the dead as a Zombie. Note that the NPC will not raise from the dead if they are dismembered in any way at time of death. NPCs raise as ghouls but retain equipment.

Player Death Alternative - changes how player death works - you die and a zombie spawns in your place with all your items while you respawn to take over one of your settlers.

Player Infection - player automatically receives survival infection disease or a lethal infection with various effects.

***** Optional: Spawn Settings *****
Extra Spawns - Extra zombies spawns where you control frequency.

Settlement Attacks - Chance to trigger settlement attack when player is in a settlement.

Sleep Interruption - Chance to  interrupt sleep and spawn zombies nearby.

Spawn Replacements - Ability to replace other actor types with Zombies via Holotape option. Configure % chance for replacement and number of Zombies to replace each actor with.

***** Optional: Zombie Settings *****
- Headshots Only mode
- Health: 25% - 100%
- Horde Behavior - zombies wander in groups
- Speed options: from 0.7x to 3x or random
- can kill protected/essential
- XP: 0% - 100%
- No Loot mode
- Perception options: from 2-5 to 10-13
- Damange Mult options: 0.25x - 6x
- Finishing (kill) moves toggle

***** Utility Menu *****
- Cure Player Infection
- Display Zombie Count
- Kill Nearby Zombies
- Remove Dead Zombies
- Spawn Zombies Nearby