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Want that building in another settlement? Copy/Paste It!
In another play-through? Copy/Paste It!
From another player? Copy/Paste It!

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Enables the player to copy/paste anything they build in a settlement! Love that guard house you built and want it at all your settlements, but don't want to rebuild it every time? Now you can Copy/Paste It!


  • Clipboard patterns can be shared with other players!
  • Clipboard patterns can be used in any settlement, regardless of which settlement is was created in.
  • Clipboard patterns can be used by any character, regardless of which character created it.
  • Objects created from a clipboard pattern will remain even if you uninstall Clipboard.
  • All settlement objects can be included in clipboard patterns, even those added by other mods.
  • Wires between objects in the clipboard pattern will be automatically recreated when the pattern gets pasted.
  • Selection area size/shape is controlled by the player.
  • 50 slots in the Clipboard.
  • Clipboard tools snap to floor/wall objects for precision placement.

Copy, How To

  1. Build a "Clipboard Copy Tool" from within the workshop menu under the newly added category "Clipboard".
  2. Position the tool in front of whatever you want to copy, facing directly away.
  3. Use the "Set Selection Shape" and "Set Selection Size" buttons to pick what you want to copy.
  4. Press the big red button and verify the highlighted objects are what you want to copy. (Repeat from stop 3 if not)
  5. Press the big red button again and select a clipboard slot.

Paste, How To

  1. Build a "Clipboard Paste Tool" from within the workshop menu under the newly added category "Clipboard".
  2. Position the tool in front of where you want to paste the objects, facing directly away.
  3. Press the big red button and select a clipboard slot.

Find The Clipboard Pattern File
<Fallout 4 Install Directory>\Data\F4SE\Plugins\Clipboard\<Clipboard Slot #>\pattern.ini

  1. <Fallout 4 Install Directory> Is the folder on your PC where the fallout 4 executable lives, usually:
  2. 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4'
  3. <Clipboard Slot #> Must match the clipboard slot you copied the clipboard pattern into in game.
  4. The file name will always be 'pattern.ini'. No other files needed.

Use A Clipboard Pattern From Someone Else

  1. Grab their 'pattern.ini' file. May need to be extracted from a zip file.
  2. Navigate to: <Fallout 4 Install Directory>\Data\F4SE\Plugins\Clipboard\
  3. Go into the folder number that matches the clipboard slot where you want the pattern to be available
  4. Paste in the 'pattern.ini' file. (Do not change the file name)
  5. In game, use the Clipboard Paste Tool and select the clipboard slot you picked in step 3.

Known Issues/Limitations
(If you find any that are not listed, let me know!)

  1. Fixed Only vanilla and DLC assets can be copied and pasted, objects added by other mods will need to be added to Clipboard's FormLists with a patch first.
  2. Fixed Resources, Beds, and objects you can assign settlers to will not count as part of the settlement until you manually pick them up in workbench mode and put them back down. I'm still investigating a way around this, if anyone knows one please hit me up.
  3. Fixed A workshop menu compatability issue.
  4. Fixed NPCs will sometimes get copied
  5. Fixed A maximum of 1,280 objects can be copied at a time.
  6. Fixed Objects pasted into a settlement using the "Clipboard Paste Tool" cannot be then copied using the "Clipboard Copy Tool". A workaround is to save the game after you do the paste and load that save, this seems to correct the issue.
  7. Fixed Changing your mod load order after a Copy can prevent some mod objects being pasted. A workaround is to copy the objects again if you change your mod load order.
  8. [Partially Fixed] Some items in the settlement area that are not part of the settlement won't be detected and copied. This can include items spawned in by a scripted event, some items present in a settlement area before the player first arrives at the settlement, and items manually dropped in the settlement from the player's inventory.

Future Plans   
(If there is a feature you want added or prioritized, let me know!)

  1. Done Enable multiple clipboard slots so more then one set of objects can be copied at a time.
  2. Done Add additional shapes for the selection area.
  3. Done Add copy and paste pylons that snap to wall or floor objects to make precision placements easier.
  4. Done Enable the exporting and importing to files so copied sets of objects can be shared between players and saves. 
  5. Done Highlight objects in the selection area.
  6. Done Added progress notifications during the Copy and paste processes.
  7. Done Remove Dependency on DLCs
  8. Done Remove need for mod patches
  9. Charge player character caps for each object pasted (For balance/Immersion sake). Make configurable.
  10. Done Add a 'Cut' tool that copies the selected objects to the clipboard then removes the selected objects.
  11. Done Add a 'Clear' tool that just removes all objects from the selected area
  12. Done Auto wire together objects when pasted.
  13. Done Track/Show what mods were used for the objects in a clipboard slot.
  14. Improve selection time (Always improving, never complete). Would likely require a custom DLL to improve much more and I lack that skill. If anyone knows C++ and wants to help, hit me up!
  15. Done Block user button presses well selection script is running
  16. Add configurable support for including Animals and NPC's in clipboard patterns
  17. Add additional selection methods, such as the player selecting objects to copy by shooting them with a selection weapon. (A lazer seems thematic but a flame throw for AoE selection might be more practical)
  18. Add a replace tool that clears a selected area and pastes in a clipboard pattern.
  19. Add the ability to move the paste platform (And Player) to a clipboard pattern's original copy position with the push of a button. Lets people position objects exactly where they were for other characters/players.
  20. Find a way for players to enter names for clipboard patterns
  21. Improved the slot selection dialog such that button numbers match the slot number not the slot's position in the page.

Change Log
Version 2.0 Requires F4SE
  • Clipboard patterns are now stored in stand alone files. 
  • Clipboard patterns from other people can be imported by dropping their 'pattern.ini' file into a clipboard slot folder.
  • Removed clipboard pattern size limit.
  • Added 40 more clipboard slots. (50 total)
  • Improved the slot selection dialog. Added paging and more information.
  • Improved the progress notification timing logic
  • Fixed some visual bugs around the shader effects.
  • Removed a dependency on a consistent load order 
  • Added logic to check a players mod list against the mod list used in a clipboard pattern.
  • Wires are now included clipboard patterns and are generated properly during the paste event.
  • Blocked activation on buttons during the selection process to prevent buggy behavior.

Version 1.5 (Last Non-F4SE Version)
  • Improved selection and copy times
  • Improved placement of selection shapes.
  • Improved selection area layout time upon changing selection shape or size
  • Added visual effect to paste events
  • Added 'Cut' tool
  • Added 'Clear' tool
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with the workshop menu 
  • Fixed a bug around pasting certain resources.
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs could get copied
  • Fixed a bug where tool objects weren't always disposed of correctly

Version 1.4-beta
  • Removed DLC dependency
  • Removed any need for patches with other mods, now supports all mod items by default.
  • Added object highlighting to show selection state and copy event.
  • Improved the look and usability of the copy and paste tools.
  • Added additional selection area shapes
  • Added more control of the selection area's size

Version 1.3-alpha
  • Fixed the bug that prevented settlement objects as registering as part of the settlement automatically.
  • Added 9 Clipboard slots for a total of 10.
  • Redesigned the Copy/Paste tools to make them snappable and easier to use.
  • Improved the copy process execution time.
  • Added the frame work for implementing and controlling different selection shapes.