About this mod

Yeah, I'm late. Still 1st of April at some parts of the world though... ;)

Permissions and credits

  • adds Helium Balloon to chem vendors' leveled list
  • balloons can be used by setting up a hotkey via MCM or using/favoriting the Inhale Helium inventory item under your AID section
  • each balloon can be used three times at which point it becomes empty (100% - 66% - 33% - 0%)
  • inhaling Helium alters your voice for 40 in-game minutes (2 real-life minutes) during which time it progressively returns to normal
  • while your voice is altered you have a higher chance to persuade most NPCs in dialogue - doesn't work on everybody though, especially on grumps
  • the effect is very similar to the persuasion boost given by Lady Killer / Black Widow lvl 3
  • you can build a Helium Dispenser on settlements from the Resources / Misc section to refill balloons
  • drop balloons from your inventory to play target practice, the higher the Helium amount the faster they fly away - popped balloons cannot be refilled though

Use a mod manager like Nexus Mod Manager.


Extract the contents of the rar file to your Fallout 4 Data folder.

Enable HeliumBalloon.esp using a mod manager or manually.

If you have trouble installing mods, check these tutorials by Gopher:
Enabling Mods for FALLOUT 4
FALLOUT 4: Installing Mods on PC (MANUALLY)

After installing the mod (and completed Out of Time stage 6) you will receive an AID item to your inventory called Inhale Helium which you can use to activate the Helium Voice perk in case you have 100%, 66% or 33% filled balloons in your inventory. You can also craft this item at Chem Stations under UTILITY.

You can buy Helium Balloons from chem dealers as common items. Balloons are injected into the leveled list of chem vendors' stashes by a script (duh), so there's no way it could conflict with any other mods.

Helium Dispenser is a craftable item in settlements under Resources / Misc. Build one to refill used balloons - either 66%, 33% or 0% can be refilled.


1) link the Inhale Helium item mentioned above to one of your favorites slots.

2) put this line in your Hotkeys INI file (Data/Hotkeys.ini by default) under the [Hotkeys] section:

<keybind>=cqf HB_Control_Quest Inhale

where <keybind> is your choice of key combination, for example:

Shift-H=cqf HB_Control_Quest Inhale

See a List of Possible Keybinds here as a reference.

3) the most simple way is of course to use MCM and setup a hotkey through the mod's MCM options.

Another way of having fun with the mod is to release Helium Balloons from your inventory and test your shooting skills. The more Helium a balloon has the faster it will fly away.

Leveled lists are altered by a script.
New animations are loose idles, they do not alter the vanilla character behavior graph.
Craftable items use vanilla categories.
No vanilla records have been modified.
No known possibility for any compatibility issues with any mods.

Nothing in particular.

But note that havok physics are only applied to balloons that are 33% filled with Helium, and balloons that are completely empty or ruined. 66% and 100% filled balloons have physics applied for only a second, then they start flying up with the keyframe motion type. This means they collide with NPCs or the player character but they do not have collision with other static items, so for example when you release balloons inside a room they won't stop at the ceiling.

The inhale animation would't work in Power Armor, so the mod doesn't allow you to inhale Helium while wearing PA. It also changes to third person cause in first person the animation looks silly. Similarly the refill animation only has first person version, so it forces you to first person view. Note that the refill works in PA as well.

Balloon mesh by Duchamp Models from TurboSquid.