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Spawning of additional enemies

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What this mod does:
It searches for non unique hostile to player NPCs in the loaded area and spawns a configurable number of their
 characters base right next to them. 
        (So, do not expect, for example, in the super duper market in Lexington to have spawns 
as that ghouls are initially non hostile. This is intended behaviour as for the special
 atmosphere for that and other locations.)
        - Spawning is done only out of combat: (if you sneak and are *hidden*)
        - Spawning is done only for enemies who are not in a certain range (1024 in game units, 14.62m).
(To prevent insta attacks after entering interiors.)
- Spawning is stoped while flying in a vertibird
- Spawning is interrupted OnLocationChange for 0.5s (Stability and performance reasons)

        This is done by a new scanning quest. No vanilla records (besides the alien base character) were changed
nor any additional spawn points has been added.
Once the enemies are spawned they stay in the game (and save game!!!) till they are killed or the game has some other
reason to remove them I do not know atm. They are not removed when MoreEnemies is disabled or even deinstalled.
(So push up the numbers careful !!!)

MCM configuration options:
                - Player Level Multiplier: PC Level will be multiplied by this for determining number of spawns
  [1 - 100].
        - minimum number of clones per vanilla enemy [ 0 - 20 ]
- additional random number of clones per vanilla enemy [ 0 - 20 ]  
                - interior Divider: number of clones to divide by in interior cells. [1 - 20].
- Combat AIs: Default Value is 20. This value  controls the number of actors (allies and enemies) that could be
controled simulatanous by the game. Recommend to not move it above 100 as at least my
computer started to create lags and crashs.
100 is a good choice without any other performance greedy mod.
- seperate spawn values for separate types of enemies. (Mainly vanilla races plus some extra criteria)
           These values will override the base spawn value if not equal to -1,
   Example: You have a base spawn rate of Minimum 1 plus 7 random spawns.
This will result in at least double enemies + up to 7 random enemies per vanilla one.
              If you think up to 8 ghouls per vanilla ghoul is not enough as you want to create your personal ghoul horror:
Set Ghoul Min: 20 and Ghoul additional random spawns: 20. So you get up to 40 clones per vanilla ghoul.
      If you don't want Super Mutant suiciders  to be cloned: 
Set Suiciders Min: 0 and Suiciders additional random spawns:  0. The 0 will override the base spawn rate.

Configuration via console:
Since version 0.8 MoreEnemies can be configurated also via global variables.
For documentation of the globals see atm. MCM\Config\MoreEnemies\config.json.
(Naming of the globals correspond to the MCM names)
Example in console:
help MoreEnemies 3 ; This will give you a list of all globals available for MoreEnemies in the console
set MoreEnemiesMaxClones to 10; This will set the additional random colones per enemy to 10

Balancing: The total number of clones depends on your player Level:
            maxNumberOfClones = (playerLevel / enemy.GetLevel()) + MinClones)
            numberOfClones = Utility.RandomInt(MinClones, maxNumberOfClones)
    So you can start a new game with a setting of Minimum 0 and additional random number of clones of 20 without 
getting overwhelmed in an unfair way.
    If you want to override this balancing, use the Player Level Multiplier to increase the playerLevel in the formula above.
    maxNumberOfClones is capped at your (Minimum + additional random spawns) setting.
Example: You have a base spawn rate Minimum: 0 plus 7 random spawns. 
      You meet a Level 50 NPC.
                       Your PC is Level 49. No additional spawn chance.
                       Your PC is Level 50. 1 additional spawn chance. (besides the setting of 7)
                       Your PC is Level 200. 4 additional spawns chance.
                       Your PC is Level 50. You set Player Level Multiplier to 10. 7 additional spawns chance.

            (Be aware you can get then up to 40 clones for 1 NPC, if you meet 20 ghouls, 20 * 40 = 800
+ the 20 originals.
The game can not handle that much combat AIs. In vanilla the number of Combat AIs is 20. There is a setting
included to increase this. But I do not recommend it to set it higher than 100 as by test at about 110 the game
 started to crash for me.

        My favorite setting atm is Min: 1 and Max:7 with 100 Combat AIs. (It is enought to get my Level 92 character into trouble.)
Excluded from cloning:
      Characters with names (maybe not complete, as not all characters with names 
 has the unique flag. So if you find in game somebody cloned that
should not, please let me know.)
      Enemies in the mechanics lair. (There is a vanialla script for endless spawning of enemies active)
     SKK Combat Stalkers
Should be compatible with all DLCs (No vanilla record change.)
        The DLCs are not required.

        Else manually by copying the content of the attached 7z file to the data folder.
If upgrading from old version pre 0.53 make sure the old MoreEnemies scripts are deleted in the
\data\scripts\ Folder.
        If updating and experiencing the effect, that your settings are not stored:
delete \Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\MCM\Settings\MoreEnemies.ini.

       Manually: Remove copied content of the attached 7z file from the data Folder.
       (Maybe check in console if any quest starting with MoreEnemies is running and stop it.)

Remove debug traces from Papyrus.log. 
        Add more named NPCs to the excluded list as not all are marked as unique by vanilla
(In case Player decides to fight the BOS for example)
Add compability to "Combat Zone Restored".

        MCM optional but highly recommended
        Recommend to use with PilesofCorpes https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/1770/ 
                as else after 20 dead enemies despawning starts which is very unimmersive. 

For modders:
        If you want to prevent NPCs from cloning add them to this faction:
doNotCloneFaction = Game.GetFormFromFile(0x800, "MoreEnemies.esp") as Faction