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Leave the world littered with death. Say NO to corpse culling!

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WARNING: This type of modification has been accused of causing save bloat in previous Bethesda titles. I am not responsible for screwing up your saved games. Make a back-up before using it just to be safe.

v1.0 - Main release
v1.1 - Added AITweak.esp, changes iAINumberActorsComplexScene and iNumberActorsInCombatPlayer to 100 from 20. Increases the number of actors allowed to have combat AI running at a single time. Necessary for those who want to make big mobs of spawned enemies fight each other. Will increase strain on CPU. If you want a different value, use setgs while in-game. It is probably a temporary thing anyways.
21-11-15: Fixed AITweak.7z containing all esps.
v1.2 - FormIDs fixed/Rebuild with FO4Edit. Redownload. Thanks MookittyBonnie.

This mod increases the length of time the game waits to de-spawn corpses. By default the timer is set to clear corpses after 24 consecutive in-game hours outside of the cell. The timer will reset if you ever return to the cell. The following game settings are changed and here are some file options (let me know if you would like others in the posts section):

---Default Values:
---iHoursToClearCorpses - 24 [1 day] (Resets when you return to the cell)
---iRemoveExcessDeadComplexCount - 3
---iRemoveExcessDeadCount - 15
---iRemoveExcessDeadComplexTotalActorCount - 20
---iRemoveExcessDeadTotalActorCount - 20


Piles of Corpses (Recommended):
iHoursToClearCorpses - 720 [1 month] or 120 [5 days] or 48 [2 days] options
iRemoveExcessDeadComplexCount - 100
iRemoveExcessDeadCount - 100
iRemoveExcessDeadComplexTotalActorCount - 100
iRemoveExcessDeadTotalActorCount - 100

Hills of Corpses (Because you can - My preference):
iHoursToClearCorpses - 720 [1 month]
iRemoveExcessDeadComplexCount - 200
iRemoveExcessDeadCount - 200
iRemoveExcessDeadComplexTotalActorCount - 200
iRemoveExcessDeadTotalActorCount - 200

Mountains of Corpses (Basically unplayable) - Yes that image is of 999 dead Supermutants and Piper at the bottom of the dog pile:
iHoursToClearCorpses - 720 [1 month] or 24 [1 day] options
iRemoveExcessDeadComplexCount - 1000
iRemoveExcessDeadCount - 1000
iRemoveExcessDeadComplexTotalActorCount - 1000
iRemoveExcessDeadTotalActorCount - 1000

Please suggest other combinations you would like in the post section!
I highly recommend using this with Longer Area Respawn and Dead Body Collision.
Also, Rain of Brass does a similar thing, but with shell casings.

Install with NMM


Locate 'Fallout4Prefs.ini' in your 'Documents/My Games/Fallout 4' folder.
Add 'bEnableFileSelection=1' after the [Launcher] tag.
Place esp in 'steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data'.
Locate 'plugins.txt' in your 'AppData\Local\Fallout4' folder.
Add '<selected_esp>.esp' on a new line after 'Fallout4.esm'.

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