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Adds approximately 170 spawnpoints with passive wildlife.

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  • French
Commonwealth Critters adds approximately 170 triggers across the Commonwealth that run a set of up to 21 random animal encounter quests. Every creature introduced through these encounters is either passive, or has an aggro and warning radius. Once spawned the various creatures will sandbox in a two cell area.

Depending on the version of the mod you download, it will feature the following encounters:


  • 1-2 Feral Dogs
  • 1 Feral Cat
  • Empty encounters
Far Harbor

  • 1-4 Rad Rabbits
  • 1-2 Rad Chickens
Nuka World

  • 1-4 Rad Crickets
  • 1-4 Rats

Each version of the mod is stand alone, so please only install and run one ESP at a time.