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Adds a soft face light for your character, which can enhance their appearance under most lighting conditions.

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New in 1.1
 -Added an MCM.
-added a cool-blue light color, and a brighter option for both it and the warm light.
-added Dialogue face lighting for Human and Ghoul NPCs.

These settings can be changed in the MCM.


This mod adds a soft face light to your character. It can help enhance the appearance of you character under poor lighting conditions or in dark areas. For screen-archers, it can also help reduce the hassle of trying to get the perfect angle and lighting conditions. The light is a warm Orange-Yellow color and is not too bright, I don't plan on making any further adjustments to it as I am content with it (though if enough people as for it and I stop being a lazy bum, I may add more temperatures :)

Download either the ESP or ESL version of the mod, install and play!

Completely uninstall the old version before installing the new version. Make a "clean save" by loading the game without the plugin installed, then save and exit. Then, install the new version

Conflicts/ Issues
Shouldn't conflict with anything. The Face Light always refreshes each time you load a save, so it will disappear for a short while after you load and come back. Also, the light isn't too bright, so it may not show that much in well lit areas.

Bethesda - Eh.
tktk - For the original mod idea from Skyrim

Don't redistribute this w/o without giving credit, especially to tktk. I don't plan on making a console version but if someone wishes to port it just give credit where it is due.