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Changes the default Fallout 4 Ambient Music to iconic tracks from Fallout 1&2! Fully NMM compatible installer with 2 versions to choose from (Non-replacer)

Permissions and credits
Classic Fallout Ambient Music


This mod alters ambient music played during exploration/dungeons/etc., changing it to the iconic tracks from Fallout 1&2. Note that this mod does not replace any default soundfiles, it adds its own unique music entries and makes changes to the playlists for generic locations.


I wasn't a big fan of Inon Zurs rendition of the Fallout soundtrack and felt like it didn't quite live up to the glory of the Classics; So i made this. yay. 
For all fans of the original, those that were missing that certain "Fallout feeling" and everyone that wants to try something different.

Specifically you will hear Fallout 1 and 2 music while exploring the wasteland instead of fallout 4's default tracks. I've tried to choose tracks fitting the overall mood of the setting (for example urban areas have slightly different songs then the general wasteland, which are different from dungeons and so on). Audio level on all songs has been normalized to fit in with the default fallout 4 soundscape.

Note that combat music, special tracks occurring during scripted sequences and songs playing at certain points in the Main Quest have been left untouched, this mod only affects the generic ambient music.



Fallout 1/2 music only

Fallout 1/2 music and default Fo4 ambient


Track List


1. Metallic Monks
2. Desert Wind
3. A Trader's Life
4. The Vault of the Future
5. Industrial Junk
6. Moribund World
7. Vats of Goo
8. City of the Dead
9. Second Chance
10. Underground Troubles
11. City of Lost Angels
12. Followers' Credo
13. Radiation Storm
14. Acolytes of the New God
15. Flame of the Ancient World
16. Khans of New California

[Fallout 2]

1. Beyond the Canyon
2. Serenity
3. Gold Slouch
4. All Clear Signal
5. Many Contrasts
6. Biggest Little City in the World
7. California Revisited
8. My Chrysalis Highwayman



Incompatible with other music mods and files editing the wasteland/exploration music sets
Compatible with mods realistic weapon sounds / power armor movement sounds / radio replacers


Special Thanks

Mark Morgan - for composing the original soundtrack
Willdo89 - for providing proper fade-in and out sections for all tracks and remastering the audio


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