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Resource that can be incorporated into other mods that do not line up with VR Controllers.

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THIS IS NOT MOD!!! It is file that can be incorporated into other mods to help fix a VR specific bug.

The problem:
Some weapons do not appear to attach correctly to the controller in the VR. The appear to a float in front of the controller or the controller appears to attach to the stock and not the actual grip. This is an issue with how Bethesda imported the Submachine Gun into VR.

Weapons Affected:

The Vanilla Submachine Gun
Any mod added weapon that uses, or has animations based on, the Vanilla Submachine Gun Animations. In my experience, that's every long gun with a pistol grip

The fix:
All the firearms in the game connect to the world through a DummyReceiver.nif. If you look at the weapon records in the Creation Kit under Art and Sound, they all point to this NIF as their model. The actual guns themselves are built through keywords in the modification tables. If you look below the Model field, there is another field for 1st Person Model. This field is universally blank for Fallout 4. It's a holdover from when computing power limited high quality models to 1st Person view only. We've long since grown past that situation but the game engine still recognizes that field. Since VR does not show a visible player body, this gives us a chance to fix weapons affected by this bug.

This file contains a single file: DummyReceiver_1stPerson.nif loceted in /Meshes/Weapons/Handmade/Receivers/_1stPerson. I've altered that BSConnectionPoint in that NIF so that it will connect to the game world BEHIND where the regular DummyReceiver.nif does. If the 1st Person Model field in the weapon record is pointed at this altered NIF, then the affected weapon will now appear to line up with the VIve Controller. This will effect the player ONLY. All other actors in the game world call the regular Model field and their positioning will be unaffected.

Mods currently utilizing this fix:
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