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Fallout 4 stutters when sprinting in first person, it is an engine issue. This is a workaround to the problem.

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If you like this mod and would like to support my hopes and dreams, follow the subreddit for the game I am making here. It's a 2D skill based fighting game and all feedback is appreciated.

Sprint speed is slightly too fast for the physics engine and causes stuttering and juddery camera movements when sprinting over uneven surfaces. If this sprint problem happens to you, but your game is otherwise smooth then this tweak should fix it. If your game has stutter issues related to fluctuating FPS, VSYNC, or anything else this won't fix it.

This is unrelated to your computers ability to run the game and even seems to be a problem on consoles.
I suspect most people simply haven't noticed it.

How this workaround works

Default sprint speed is ever so slightly too fast for the engine, so the game stutters.

This mod lowers the first person sprint speed by about 5%. The decrease in speed is not noticeable, but it removes the stutter from all but the bumpiest of surfaces.

The problem with armor that increases movement speed

Legendary armor pieces and power armor "overdrive" upgrades that increase your movement speed will re-introduce the stuttering, there is no fix for this.

There is an optional plugin that changes how movement speed bonuses from armor work. With the optional plugin movement speed bonuses will only work while walking and running, and any text is changed to match. The armors are still very useful as they apply to sneaking, walking while aiming down the sights, and so on.
As an added bonus, the armor now works in 3rd person. Compare this to the vanilla armor literally doing nothing in 3rd person, and the sacrifice to gameplay with the optional plugin seems diminished. It's for people who want the stuttering in first person removed at all costs.


Item Sorting Mods

The Optional file needs to be loaded before item sorting mods so they can overwrite any text changes if needed. This will not change gameplay, only text.

Mods that change movement types

Movement types include camera turn rate and movement speed. Popular mods that edit these seem to be Horizon and Raw Input.

My changes can be forward over very easily in FO4edit,  it only changes sprint speed.