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A modders resource air force base. Surely, someone will need an air force base at some point.

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Project Brief:
This… is something that I built a long time ago and just now decided to release along with all the other stuff because nobody could come up with a cool idea to take it further. Technically, it’s in that category of projects called “almost mods.” The real Hanscom AFB is outside of Concord, and I had to geographically relocate it for this project. My original idea was sort of a “Men in Black” mod, so you’re getting a full design schematic of an old Air Force Base with a custom made interior. I also did some cool writing for this project that you should find interesting. The base itself also has some unique hangar designs that I did just for this one project which you can’t find anywhere else. Everything is already navmeshed with a door to the Commonwealth already provided. The only thing you need to add is an LOD and you’re ready to rock n’ roll.

Fallout 4 ESM

One worldcell for the exterior of Hanscom AFB. One interior cell custom made for this. Lots of notes and stuff are also found around the map. Highly detailed hangars are also built just for this one mod. Mod also has an entrance you can find in the Commonwealth. You should see an undiscovered map marker on your end when you first load this.

Terms of Usage:
Do with this as you please. I only ask that you mention me in your credits. Though a link to this resource page would be appreciated, I do not require it.

SCOLs [I copied and pasted this because it’s a constant problem]

If the mod in question does not contain a SCOL then ignorethis section. Sometimes, when a unicorn farts a rainbow on a blue moon causing a bunch of stoned hippies to see Jesus in the desert, the meshes I actually package into a mod actually work. Most of the time; however, they don’t because god only knows why. It’s still a mystery to me years after I first started modding, and numerous people trying to help fix the problem. To repair a missing SCOL when all you are seeing on your end are a bunch of giant red triangles, find the SCOL in the creation kit [it’ll have a green icon, can’t miss it], right click it, and then left click “recreate SCOL from static meshes.” This will give you a copy on your end and fix it for you.