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Add-ons to the G36 Complex mod by FX0x01.

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MAJOR UPDATE  read bottom

The G36 made by FX0x01 is an awesome weapon, hands down.  However, it was missing a few things, namely the ability build all the mods at a weapons workbench.  So I contacted the author of the mod, and with their permission have created and uploaded this mod.

What this mod does is it allows you to build all the components of the G36.  Every barrel, every scope/sight, every stock, and every mag.  The ability to build the receivers was already in place, so I didn't need to add those.

HOWEVER.  It should be noted the material requirements to build these components are somewhat... steep.  After all, the original author preferred that people would go to the vendors and buy the mods from them.  And since buying every single mod for the G36 comes out to ~12k bottlecaps, the material requirements to build the same mods is about as painful to your workbench materials bank.  The plus side is that you won't have to hunt down Cricket or bother Arturo every time you want to add another G36 to your arsenal.  The downside is you will probably need to go junk hunting afterwards.  This mod also does not affect the ability to go out and buy the mods from the vendors.  If you do that, you can still attach those mods via workbench.  All this does is provide an alternate way of getting the mods.

I also noted that the original mod was severely lacking in the mag and stock department (ie there were only 2 mags and 1 stock).  So I have taken the liberty (again with the author's permission) to add two more mags and another stock to the mix.  They use the original models the author used, and in the case of the stock looks exactly the same.  However, there are now Quick Eject versions of both mags and a recoil compensating version of the stock.  In addition, there are now even more receivers and new scopes to add to the gameplay of this weapon.


All original files and the G36 mod were used entirely with the permission of FX0x01 the original author the G36 mod.  This mod cannot be used without the original mod.  DO NOT USE ASSETS FROM OR UPLOAD EITHER THIS MOD OR THE ORIGINAL MOD WITHOUT EXPRESS PERMISSION FROM THE AUTHOR.

READ THIS:  You MUST have v1.1 of the G36 mod, or this mod WILL cause CTD when you try to use a weapons workbench.  There really is no workaround for that because this mod was built for v1.1 of the weapon.

UPDATE: Added 7.62 Conversion and a Survival version (no increased weapon weight).  Both are under optional files.  DO NOT USE SURVIVAL VERSION WITH MAIN FILE.  The conflicts will result in the game probably crashing.

UPDATE V2.0!!!
Got rid of the double recipes.  Now only ONE recipe per mod.  Attaching bought mods will still work.  Added 1 new magazine, inspired by High Density Mags from The Division.
  Added two new ACOG scopes, one standard, one night vision.  Both have zooms equivalent to a short scope.  The ACOG "scope" that FX put was actually still just a reflex sight, this weapon had no actual "scope".  HOWEVER, they are NOT replacers.  The original ACOG scope is still available, and does operate like it was originally intended, hence why they are listed under ACOG alt scopes.

UPDATE V3.0!!!
Added in five new receivers. One Advanced Armor Piercing Automatic receiver, for when you want to mow things down even better in full auto.  Requires the visible perks AND Commando 5.  Also added four 7.62 receivers.  They are identical to their 5.56 counterparts except that they do 10% more damage with a 10% reduction in firing rate.  I also added in two new barrels that are designed for niche gameplay.  They require the visible perks in addition to either Commando 5 or Rifleman 5.  It's pretty easy to figure out which is which.  I also added in 4 new traditional scopes similar to the last update, in the form on a Medium and Long scope and their NV variants.  I also adjusted the perk requirements on the Advanced Carbine Receiver to reflect it's insane damage output.  It now requires Rifleman 5.

For anyone who still has issues with carry weight, check out my other mod:
Enhanced Perks

After DLing that mod, you won't have to worry as much about armor weight.  Also has other effects that are useful on survival difficulty.