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Sick and tired of half-burned mutt chops and smelly old roach meat? If yes then get this little cookbook to turn your scavenged goods into something delicious.

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-= Bon Appétit! =-


- Initial release

- Changed the base value for both bread versions to 25 and the base value for mirelurk burger to 48 to make them more viable in survival mode
- Mirelurk burgrs now heal 96 HP within 5 seconds

- Added a second recipe for creating meat marinade using chalk instead of soap (still not that yummy, but heaps better than eating raw cockroach :-P)
- Added food items: Beefy beans, Boston sweet roll
- Added drink: Wasteland coffee
- All food/drink items now appear in the food vendors' leveled lists! Use them chem below in order to enable this feature (you can craft it at the chemistry workbench for free, it can be found under utilities)
- New chem: "Buff-Et: Merge". Use this to update your savegame in order to make the food items appear in the vendor lists! You'll know it worked if you get the notification "Milk quest finally started!"

- Added the ability to "domesticate" some wild crops (corn, mutfruit and razorgrain) and use the wild counterparts to plant the standard crops in your settlement

- New healing item: The Iv Pack (provides damage resistance in normal mode and cures illnesses and prevents the player from getting them again in survival mode)
- This is getting fishy now: you can now breed fish in your settlements! The schematics for the basin needs to be found first (see below)
- Greetings from the Mojave! Added a huge amound of items from Fallout: New Vegas in this version! Have a Sunset Sarsaparilla in the evening, chew on some coyote tobacco or enjoy your Sierra Madre Martini at the end of the day (or whenever you feel like it).
- Most items now require a recipe which you need to find first. There's a total of 16 locations scattered all around the Commonwealth where you need to go. The list is at the bottom of this description. Happy hunting! :)

- Fixed an issue with the water shader in the fish basin not showing up properly
- The milk collection barrel now requires you to unlock it by picking up a book in the Abernathy farm called "Blake Abernathy's Diary"
- Added a new workshop item: the radchicken nest. Provides radchicken eggs as a new consumable or crafting item. Will be unlocked with the new diary.
- Added two new consumables which are also unlocked with the diary: Carrot Kebab and Farmer's Breakfast.
- Added new recipes which are unlocked by default: grilled Corn, Boston Ice Tea (can be cooled down in a refrigerator), Radchicken Omelette
- Added a cookingstation outside the hut where the canning machine is located.

- Added item: the Poison Tourniquet provides 750 poison resistance for 30 seconds and removed all acid and poison DoTs
- Added item: Doctor's Bag: Slowly restores limbs and some health. While the effect is active, damage done to limbs is reduced by 50 percent. When used, an empty Doctor's Bag is put into your inventory. You need to refill it woth a new medical brace you can craft at asny chemistry station (refilling requires the chemistry station as well).

- Changed the value of the medical brace from 35 to 15
- Added a new mesh for the Doctor's Bag
- Changed the mesh for the brewery/distillery and added a Teddybear as a crafting component (totally forgot that key requirement in the earlier versions. My bad ^^)

- Unlocking the recipes now grants a few XP as a little extra reward (nothing too serious, just a little appetizer to make acquiring the recipes more satidfying in general)
- Added a new dish for you to cook: Boston Bombdrop Mac and Cheese. Requires 1 Blamco Mac and Cheese and 1 dirty water. Very important for the survival mode players: it both saturates hunger and quenches thirst! The recipe is unlocked by default, and it can not be found on vendors (only crafted). This is intentional to make the search for Blamco more important in survival difficulty and deliberately limits the access to dual-purpose consumables a bit.
- Crafting radchicken omeletts now requires three radchicken eggs instead of one. This was done to reduce the amount of eggs accumulating in your settlements over time, the hens are really busy little bees sometimes. ;)
- Rushing water (not ice cold) now has a weight of 0.5 instead of 1.0 (as it only required 1 purified water to craft anyway, no need to stick too close to the original from New Vegas).


- New drink (or should I say chem): Nuka-Spectre! This concealed chem improves your sneak capabilities and increases your action points for 15 minutes.
- Two new food items: Boston Meatbowl and Boston Meat Plate. The former improves rad resistance and your AP pool, while the recond adds your damage resistance, carry weight and endurance.

-= About this mod =-

Grilled radroach? Mutant hound chops? Sliced molerat? If you have a gag reflex as you're reading this because you had to made
those way too often in your playthrough then fret not, this little mod will help you out. It adds a healthy collection of new food and drink items you can craft immediately as soon as you leave the vault - provided you have all the ingredients at hand, and sometimes it requires you to find out that it actually exists.
Commonwealth Buff-Et adds both a list of tasty treats and a few extra aid items which should have been in the vanilla game in the first place (imho :-P). It also makes a few other items more useful in the game, especially for players who enjoy playing in survival mode.

And before anyone asks: NO, I will NOT make a version with all recipes unlocked by default! The recipes are not hard to acquire, you can get them all before even reaching level 20 without any issues (did that twice now and it was a lot of fun). If you cannot be bothered to actually play the game in order to get a little reward I cannot be bothered to help you.

With that out of the way, here's the list of what's on the menu:

Tier 0 (basic components)
- You can now craft cooking oil for your kitchen. Requires either gourd or mirelurk meat, a cooking station, and a rank of 2 in Science!
- Meat Marinade. Requires cooking oil, soap (or chalk) and acid. An important cooking ingredient, but in an emergency you can also "drink" it to remove a big load of RADs and even cure parasite infections in survival mode - but the mixture won't be good for both your HP and your thirst level ...
- Raw Brahmin milk. Yep, you can get milk from your Brahmin now. Just place the milk collector barrel (resources->food category inworkshop mode) in your settlement and every evening you'll get some raw milk (depends on the amount of Brahmin you have).

Tier 1 (the cheap, light HP-only stuff you can easily craft right from the start. Value up to 25 caps)
- Molerat Bacon
- Canned radroach
- razorgrain bread / corn bread
- Brahmin milk
- Tato Risotto
- Commonwealth Cram Can
- Roasted Fish
- Grilled Corn
- Carrot Kebab
- Boston Ice Tea
- Radchicken Egg Omelette

Tier 2 (Fast food - restores HP (and/or AP) within 5 seconds. Value up to 50 caps)
- Radroach Nuggets
- Mirelurk Burger
- Spicy Tato Sticks
- Port'A'Noodles
- Boston Sweet Roll
- Mutfruit Milkshake

Tier 3 (Haute cuisine, provides special effects. Value up to 100 caps)
- Deathclaw Beer Steak
- Brahmin Cheese
- Molerat/Brahmin/Radstag Jerky
- Fungus Casserole
- Beefy Beans
- Wastelander Lager (can be brewed in the new brewery)
- Wastelander Lemonade
- Wasteland Coffee
- Farmer Breakfast

Tier 4 (NV goodies and other aid items)
- Iv Pack
- Cateye
- Coyote Tobacco Chew
- Fiery Purgative
- Healing Powder
- Hydra
- Rushing Water
- Slasher
- Steady
- Absinthe
- Moonshine
- Rum & Nuka
- Sunset Sarsaparilla
- Sierra Madre Martini
- Caravan Lunch
- Mushroom Cloud
- Poison Tourniquet
- Doctor's Bag

Buffed beverages
- All alcoholic beverages now reduce RADs! It's not much, but sometimes you just need that little extra of your HP back in order to survive
- All beer types now quench thirst in survival mode. Given the alcohol volume of most beers in the US in RL you really won't have to worry about beer being too dehydrating too much ;-)
- Also, the costs for beer have been altered a little bit. Normal beer still costs 5 caps, however all Gwinnett beers now cost 12 caps (good for getting some cash if you sell it), while the Wastelander Lager costs 18 caps (to compensate for the value of the ingredients).
- Oh, and you can craft Vodka, Whiskey and Rum at your brewery station if you need it.

-= Bug & Issues =-

Since the mod alters the vanilla alcoholic beverages by adding the rad removal effect, any items which also directly alter their effects will overwrite the effect again.

-= Locations =-

If you simply cannot find an item: here's the list of locations where you can acquire the recipes (do not read if you don't wanna spoil your fun, you've been warned!)

1) Molerat Bacon:
On the grill inside the hut behind Sanctuary Hills. Just pick up the bacon to unlock the recipe.

2) Cooking oil:
Go into the ruins north of Fort Hagen, close to the radio tower. You will find a book on one of the desks inside the destroyed chemistry classroom.

3) Meat marinade and Jerky
Inside the Drumlin Diner at Salem, on the desk close to the skeletton of the chef and next to the stove.

4) Canned meat (radroach, Cram Can)
Behind the hut southwest of Abernathy farm. The canning press is the only way to produce new potting cans and cram cans (requires 1 steel each).

5) Wasteland Junkfood and Wastelander lemonade
On the kitchen table inside the building next to the weapons shop at University Point.

6) Wasteland Lager, Moonshine (and the brewery/distillery workbench)
In the entrance area of the Beantown brewery, where the raider is sleeping. The recipe can be found on the brewery workbench in front of the teddy bear.

7) Fish basin
On the table in the corner on the otherside of the basement of the Nahant Oceanological Research Lab. It looks like the schematics for the Minutemen artillery cannons.

8) Sierra Madre Martini and Caravan Lunch
Can be bought from one of the namedcaravan traders, or in Bunker Hill.

9) Fungus Casserole
In the collapsed railway station building southwest of Murkwater Construction Site.

10) Hydra
At the same location. The recipe isinside the wooden box with the five Hydra bottles.

11) Beefy Beans
Behind the fortified house in Fairline Hill Estate. Walk over to the blue car wreck and continue towards the trees it's facing. Picking up one of the cans behind the plywood in the wooden box unlocks the recipe.

12) Slasher
On the table inside Marowsky's chem lab (requires you to complete the sidequest Diamond City Blues).

13) Iv Kit
In the surgery room inside Medfort Memorial Hospital, in a surgery tablet.

14) Rushing Water
Behind the barrel in the trailer close to Abernathy Farm

15) Healing powder/Fiery Purgative
On the chemistry workbench in thebackroom of the vegetable store with the dead vendor, close to Oberland Station and the UFO crashsite.

16) Steady
On the overpass close to the lonelychapel. Get up to the Gunner encampment, kill the Gunners, then go behind the flatbed truck where you will find a new makeshift shack with a chemistry station inside. Picking up one of the two Steady bottles unlocks the recipe.

17) Mushroom Cloud
Inside the federal stockpile bunker. Just pick up the Mushroom Cloud on the crate next to the cooking station in the room secured by both a single raider, a turret and a boobytrap scale connected to a grenade bouquet.

18) Milk Colletor barrel/Radchicken nest/Carrot Kebab/Farmer Breakfast
In the back of the Abernathy farm, where the two beds are located. The book is on one of the wooden crates next to a few candles.

19) Poison Tourniquet/Doctor's Bag
In the Mass Bay Medical Center, in the Emergency Room. A medical brace is worn by one of the skelettons on the surgery table, picking it up adds the crafting recipe to the chem lab. New Medical Braces can be crafted at any chemistry station as well.

20) Nuka-Spectre
Inside the Switchboard, close to the safe where you get Carrington's prototype. You need to unlock the maglocked doors using the terminal, the holotape with the recipe (as well as a Nuka-Spectre testing sample) can be found in the right caged cubicle.

21) Boston Meatbowl and Boston Meat Plate
Both are unlocked automatically as soon as you have acquired the recipes for molerat bacon and how to make meat marinade.