Fallout 4
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For our first mod, the team at Bit Better Mods decided we should hit up Reddit for suggestions. We took four requests and made them a reality. This mod's got a 5-part questline with new locations, NPCs and recorded dialogue, new Power Armor, a new Gauss Rifle and new loading screens as requested by the Redditors from r/fo4.

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A Massive Mod that Improves Fallout a Bit

For our first mod, we wanted to make Fallout a bit better. We hit up r/fo4 and took some requests for features. We took a couple privileges with the requests.

u/ShadowStrike14 asked for new "Random Quests"
  • 4 quests that link into one another hopefully a couple hours of gameplay. If you breeze through it, let us know and we’ll tweak.
  • We really took liberty with the randomness of the quests
  • A new Vault (Vault 5). It’s bigger than any of the other Vaults.
  • New radio station – Sound FX FM, the most annoying and first all-sound-effect radio station, in the wasteland.
  • 100’s of lines of new recorded dialogue across 7 new NPCs
  • TO START THE QUEST FIND THE NEW VENDOR IN DIAMOND CITY. He will give you a HoloTape that will give you access to the remaining quests.

u/sm00chies asked for a better-looking Guass Rifle
  • New black-textured Gauss Rifle with flames.
  • Also shoots molotov ammo now.
  • Found in new Vault and near the SoundFXFM building.

u/jormugandr asked for military-inspired Power Armor

  • We’ve created a modded X-01 suit.
  • The pieces are scattered throughout the quest as a reward. You get a piece for every quest.
  • Comes with a cup holder.

u/iamnotthemoon asked to fix the infinite loading screen bug
  • Don’t think we’re really good enough to do that (yet).
  • But we did figure since you’re stuck there we can make the loading screen a bit better, by replacing the catalogue with the full text to War and Peace, broken up over hundreds of loading screens. Like the loading screens in the first Amnesia game.
  • OFFICIALLY the most confusing way to read War and Peace.

New Consumable: Radiated Energy Drink + Vending Machines
Non-Committal Versioning Number
  • Starting at 0.9.0
  • Always below 1.0 so you can't get mad about game-breaking bugs.

Taking Requests
Comment some requests and feedback, we’ll be actively checking in on this and hopefully adding new features.