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This mod adds six new throwing flares, twelve new fireworks flares, nine new rocket flares (including three weather changing), seven new flare mines and new flare gun with exchangeable chambers for multiple kinds of flare munitions.
It is very handy when Darker Nights mod is active.

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I’m sorry for my English, most of what you are reading is machine translation. This is my first mod, so please take this into account.

New flares’ colors for throwing flares, fireworks, flare mines and as ammo for flare gun:
 - Scary red,
 - Frightening yellow,
 - Freezing blue,
 - Crazy green,
 - Discovering white,
 - Jamming purple.
Clearly the light of these colors has some specific side effects.

The modification also contains three rocket flares affecting the weather:
- Clear sky,
- Rain,
- Radstorm.

In addition, flare gun ammo changer holotape.

The rocket and firework flare burns for about 90s, the throw flare burns for about 150s.

Additionally possible to manufacture artillery smoke and signal ammo for flare gun.
All new flares, flare mines and flare gun are possible to manufacture, under flares, fireworks and mines section in Chemistry station.
Throw flares added to Leveled List, can be found in stashes and bought from vendors.

Also, the infamous bug of the "invisible wall" from the artillery smoke flare was repaired.

Advice: When are you in higher ground use throw flares, flare effects are placed on ignition site.

I recommend this mod to modify the flare gun when your character is outside of a settlement, or you can just use the ammo changer on the holotape.

Too many MIRV shots will cause frame rate to drop.

Known issues:
Sometimes flares don't ignite or hang in the air, I think due to a glitch in game engine. Move your aim slightly and try again.

This modification is incompatible with any modification that changes the look of the original/Minutemen flare gun.

Please read this:
Finally, I managed to slow down the speed of descent of the fired flare. Unfortunately, this is more a workaround than a solution.
Descent is now controlled by a script, and speed has been reduced to 25%. My PC does not feel increased load, but there may be a decrease in framerate.
That is why the fireworks have kept their original descent speed.
I tried to thoroughly test my mod, but if there are any problems, please let me know.
I must also mention that the use of rocket flares needs to be changed slightly. Since they fall slower, you should aim lower than before.

If you like this mod, Please be sure to endorse it.


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