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Craft weapon mods, armor mods, and chemicals anywhere in the Commonwealth!

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Hello, this mod is all about...

This is a simple mod that allows you to craft Portable Tools.
Use can use these tools as Portable Crafting Benches anywhere in the world!

You will be able to craft 3 new items.
They will be located under PORTABLE TOOLS in any Chemistry Station.

You can make portable:
Weapons Toolkits, Armor Toolboxes, and Chemistry Sets.

They can be used to craft weapon and armor mods anywhere.
And lets not forget scrapping, you can scrap weapons and armor to!

Craft an item at a Chemistry Station.
Find the "Portable" under Weapons in inventory.
Equip and use like a grenade.
Throw them where you want to deploy them.
Activate them like you would anything else.
Select "Use" on the menu that pops up.

You can pick up and reuse any item in this mod!
Just activate the deployed item on the ground.
You will be given a choice to use it or pick it up.

Credit for script goes to Wenderer.
Thanks again Wenderer!

All three tools should now be persistant in the game world!
That said, always try to pick them up just to be safe.

This was originally going to be an addon to my other mod Camping Supplies.
However, with the release of the (much better) Campsite mod,
these might be more useful outside of Camping Supplies.

I hope you get some use out of these!
Thank you for checking this out!