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Replaces the vanilla combat armor with the mod "Classic Combat Armor".

Permissions and credits
Simple replacer patch for the mod Classic Combat Armor

  • Replaces the vanilla combat armor with the Classic Combat Armor mod.
  • Brotherhood Soldiers now spawn with the correct BOS Paint.
  • Standard paint added, removes the Army star on the chest.

Always load this .esp after the Classic Combat Armor mod (or last on your load order is best), otherwise that mod will be able to inject its leveled items script into your save. 

TIP: Although this esp overrides their script, If you absolutely want to make sure the classic combat armor mod won't inject the script, use FO4Edit and delete the "Quest" tab from their mod's ESP, save it and your clean save will remain clean even if you forget to enable my patch.

Tested with a vanilla save and game with only these mods two installed. I did not encounter any issues, please share if you do.

Probably not compatible with any mods that touch the vanilla armor.

Command for testing:
BoS Knight: "player.placeatme 000769fb"

Notes: Does not contain any files from other mods.