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Entirely new catalogue of clothing for the organization known as the brotherhood of steel.

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This mod changes the entire catalogue of clothes for the Brotherhood of Steel.
This includes the following changes:

Lancers are equipped with the vertibird set.
Engineer & field scribes are equipped with the Recon set.
Squires are equipped with the Recon underarmor.
Science scribes are equipped with a modified lab coat.
Knights are equipped with the classic combat armor set.
Higher ups from the BoS organization use a special color variant.
Each division has their own variation to differentiate them from the rest.
All of them have a random chance to spawn with fitting headgear.
The Scribe traveling merchant has been outfitted as well.
Better textures for Maxson's Coat, Kells his hat & the medical goggles.

The vertibird underarmor is the new BoS underarmor replacing the vanilla one.
This means both lancers & knights will wear this under their other clothing.
The rest of the vertibird set is randomly equipped on lancers.
The recon set is the new squire outfit replacing the vanilla one.
This means engineer scribes, field scribes, science scribes & squires will make use of this set.
For the science scribes, the underarmor has been combined with the BoS Lab Coat to make the Science Scribe outfit.
For the squires, the underarmor has been used to give the children a better look.
For Maxson, the underarmor has been put under his vanilla overcoat.
The classic combat armor is the new BoS combat armor replacing the vanilla one.
All 3 variants of this set will be found on the Knight division.
Also modified "The Lost Patrol" quest reward to use a classic combat armor chest piece instead of the vanilla one.
All of these pieces of clothing have been modified to create a dark orange/black aesthetic.
The Vertibird & Recon sets have had 2 skins each modified for both regular members & higher ups. 
Orange/Black for regular members, Black for higher ups.
The classic combat armor's urban skin has been modified and made darker to fit the other stuff. Also slapped the BoS decal on the chest armor.
Certain leather pieces, like Maxson's coat or Kells his hat, has been modified to fit the leather color from the lancer jacket.
Some of these pieces of clothing has had their meshes adjusted to put other underarmors or to fix clipping.
The only thing you need to know is that almost all clipping is gone now.
Everything has been renamed according to their division or rank.
BoS Recon Underarmor has been renamed to Field Scribe Outfit.
BoS Lab Coat has been renamed to Science Scribe Outfit.
Same goes for all the rest.

The BoS has been sectioned into different division and ranks according to the lore.
The divisions are as follows: Knights, Lancers, Field Scribes, Engineer Scribes, Science Scribes & Squires.
I'll go over each division and list the changes, starting with the knights.
Knight Initiates & Knight Aspirants are equipped with the BoS Underarmor, full set of light combat armor & helmet.
Knights & Knight Sergeants are the same except for medium combat armor.
Knight Captains & Knight Commanders are the same except for heavy combat armor.
Every rank of Paladin is the same as Knight Captains except for their skin. Full black, like all the other higher ups.
All of these have a 50% chance to spawn with BoS Glasses. These are the glasses from classic combat armor.
They also have a 50% chance to spawn with the Recon Mask, which has been turned into a universal Field Gasmask.
All of them come with gloves.
Now for the Lancers. 
Lancer Initiates are equipped with the BoS Underarmor & Lancer Jacket. (See FAQ)
Lancers, Lancer Knights & Lancer Sergeants are the same as above.
Lancer Captains, this includes Kells, have the higher ups black skin.
Lancer Initiates have a 50% chance to spawn with the open Lancer Mask, this one looks like the vanilla BoS Hood.
The rest of them have a 50% chance to spawn with either the full Lancer Mask, the open Lancer Mask or the BoS Glasses.
They also have a 50% chance to spawn with a headset.
All of them come with the gloves.
And now the Scribes.
Scribe Initiates are equipped with the Recon Underarmor.
Then they are split up into 3 divisions: Field Scribes, Engineer Scribes & Science Scribes.
Both Field Scribes & Engineer Scribes are equipped with the Recon Underarmor & the Recon Overcoat.
Field scribes will wear the longcoat, engineer scribes will wear the shortcoat.
Both have 2 variants to pick from at random, sleeves & sleeveless.
Science Scribes are equipped with a new Lab Coat. The same Recon Underarmor has been meshed under it.
Senior Scribes, Head Scribes & Proctors for all of these divisions are equipped with the higher ups black skin.
Field Scribes have a 50% chance to wear the Recon Helmet. Same chance to come equipped with the Field Gasmask.
They also have 3 options for headwear: goggles down, goggles up & BoS Glasses.
Engineer Scribes have 50% chance to spawn with goggles down.
Science Scribes have a 50% chance to spawn with Recon Glasses or vanilla Medical Goggles.
All of them come with the gloves.
Power Armor users have their own set.
They come with a simple BoS underarmor & gloves. No more hoods. This includes Danse.
Named BoS members follow these same division/rank rules.
In most cases, they will have predetermined gear. 
As an example, I threw some guaranteed BoS Glasses on Knight Rhys. Or a pair of Recon Glasses on Proctor Quinlan.
Knight Captain Cade comes with the Science Scribe outfit even if he's a Knight. (See FAQ)
This system is much more detailed then vanilla.
In vanilla, each division has a single outfit. No rank differences and scribes are mostly all the same as well.
Now each rank/division will look unique compared to another.
There is definitely some weird stuff that can happen with this chance system.
An Engineer Scribe has a chance to spawn with goggles. When he starts welding, it makes sense. When he stops, it doesn't.
If I added the goggles up to their list and then they proceed to weld, they will look like an idiot. Why doesn't he put them on his nose.
It will make sense in some situations and look stupid in others. I can't control this.
It's a silly example, but there are plenty of immersion glitches like this. I tried to keep them to a minimum as much as possible.

2 full sets can be found on 2 dead bodies in the commonwealth.
A full set of Knight gear can be found on the dead body of Knight Astlin at National Guard Training Yard.
A full set of Scribe gear can be found on the dead body of Scribe Faris at Revere Satellite Station.
The OG BoS Recon mod adds 2 full sets of Recon gear to the game.
A full set of Recon gear can be found in the Cambridge PD. This has been left as it was.
A full set of Lancer gear can be found on the Prydwen in the Power Armor Bay. This replaces the Recon gear that was there.
Both full sets & all other armors can also be bought from Proctor Teagan, the quartermaster.
I also added all the original BoS gear, that's not available anymore, in his vendor list in case someone wants it.

The clothing & the armor set are NOT craftable and only obtainable from whomever wears it.
Once obtained, they can be modified like usual.
As mentioned above, there are some exceptions to this rule.
Rebalanced all of the clothing & combat armor.
The underarmors have 5 AR & ER. Since they are technology driven, I found it a nice immersive touch that they posses some secret protective tech.

Limited testing done because of how the BoS spawns into the game.
If there are any issues, let me know and I'll see about patching them out.

The weapons being visible on the NPC's is not included in this mod. Here

Glorious GIF Examples

Download with any mod manager.
Far Harbor is required.
Classic Combat Armor is required.

Niero's Brotherhood Recon is required.
Make sure to get the skinpack, the included textures are low resolution.
Just read, you will figure out how to get them for free.
Make sure to grab the updated esp & the vanilla meshes if you need them.
Niero's Vertibird Flightsuit is required.
Get skinpack, like above.
The mod comes in esl format. It shouldn't be in that format in the first place.
Under miscellaneous of this mod, you can find the correct format. Simply delete the ".esl" & replace with the ".esp".
This mod will not load without this.

The mod touches BoS NPC's, outfits & Teagan's vendor list.
No mod I know touches the outfits which means it's compatible with everything.
The NPC records I touch in this edition, are used by pretty much every gameplay rebalance mod. A patch might have to be made. (See FAQ)
The vendor list is rarely touched. If something conflicts and this mod loses, the armor will simply not be available for purchase.
Obviously a very similar mod might do unexpected things.

Ad Victoriam - A Brotherhood Of Steel Overhaul
Patch available under optional files. Place this patch after this mod and all other requirements.
Merged NPC records. Merged vendor edits but left the marine armor out of it. Removed the marine armor load screen.
Keep in mind that this undoes all the authors work on the textures & the marine armor.

Improved BoS
Patch available under optional files. Place this patch after this mod and all other requirements.
This patch is for the REDUX version. The main version would require an almost complete overwrite, undoing 80% if his work.
Tweaks some outfits, fixed some NPC records & merged both of the vendor changes.

B-35C Heavy BoS Armor
Patch available under optional files. Place this patch after this mod and all other requirements.
The full outfit has 50% chance to spawn on paladins, 10% chance to spawn on Knights.
Rhys now comes outfitted in a full B35-C set. It's buyable from Proctor Teagon.
Adjusted the default skin to match with the rest of the mod.

David Hunter - A Brotherhood Story
Patch available under optional files. Place this patch after this mod and all other requirements.
Equipped Hunter with the recon underarmor, the other guy with the vertibird underarmor & left bathrobe guy alone.

Brotherhood- A Storyteller Quest Mod
Fully compatible since it has nothing to do with modern brotherhood.

The clothing will only show up on NPC's that have not yet spawned.
If you install this mod in the middle of a game, it might take several in game days to update.
They will be naked.

If you use a body mod, it will most likely need a patch.
If there is a patch already available somewhere for the armor or clothing used, then it will work out of the box.
I will not make any of these patches.

I made several patches for an array of gameplay overhaul mods.
Download the main file then overwrite with whatever patch you need.
The main esp works only for Vanilla.

The patches makes all other cross patches obsolete. 
Do not use them. This includes Horizon.

This mod needs to be placed after whatever gameplay overhaul you use.
In other words, my mod needs to win the conflicts.

Multiple BLD patches from the Look At Me series need to be merged together.
See my other mod, Stop Disliking Me, for a video & article, if you don't know how to do that.
Open up FormID list, It should be pretty straightforward what needs to be done.

Why make this?
There are some options for the BoS out there, but they do not fit in my opinion. Or do much more then just touch up the outfits, for better or for worse.
I'm so deep in now, that I have to complete the set of factions.
I also really like Niero's armors, and it's a way to immersively include them into the game.

What's with the BoS NPC records?
As I mentioned above, there is only 1 outfit for every division.
With the new rank system, I had to assign outfits directly to those NPC records, something I haven't really done in the other mods, unless absolutely necessary.
This in turn makes this mod the most conflicting one of them all since almost all gameplay rebalance mods will touch those same records.
I avoid this like the plague normally, but it wasn't possible for this one.
If there is a mod, and you make a patch, send it to me in the comments or a DM and I'll put it up as an optional download with credit.

What's with the lancers?
I wanted the Lancer Initiates to not wear a jacket, so when they become full fledged Lancers, they get the jacket as a sort of symbol.
The BoS NPC records are a mess and the majority of them are not identifiable. I know there are Lancer initiates though.
But it turns out that there is not a single Lancer Initiate record, that I can identify, so I can't assign the outfit, so the idea fell through.
Just wanted to clarify why they are practically the same as their superiors.

What's with Knight Captain Cade?
He is part of the Knights, but he is a doctor.
Apparently in the military, they assigned high ranks to certain doctors, so they could outrank their patients to follow their orders.
So he wears the same outfit as the science scribes, because of his profession, even though he's a Knight.

Why make them not craftable?
It's an easy integration into the game without creating conflicts, that's why every mod author does it. 
I like my immersion and prefer to get it from somewhere in the game that makes sense.
It's mentioned above where you can get them.

Letting me use the vertibird & recon sets.
Vertibird Flightsuit & Brotherhood Recon 

For the classic combat armor.
Classic Combat Armor

Allowing me to include & modify his lab coat.
BoS Lab Coat

Allowing me to include one of his child uniform records.
Child Outfits

Allowing me to include his Captain Kells Hat texture.
Brotherhood of Steel Kit

Allowing me to include his Overcoat & Medical Goggles textures.
PhyOp - Overhauled Optimized Textures

For the horizon trader records, saving me hours of time making them myself.
Classic Combat Armor - Horizon Patch

Rebalancing, tweaking and assembling the mod.