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About this mod

Adds an fully unique navmeshed underground playerhome / settlement in concord.

Permissions and credits

This mod adds an fully navmeshed underground playerhome / settlement in concord which was pre-owned by a raidercouple before.
It can be found near the Fallons Department Store building (If you see a candle and a manhole you found it :D)

The entire area has been done from scratch and is not just a copy/paste location, and was mostly designed for my Raider playthrough.

Apart from the seperated character edit room the entire place is clean so you dont need to worry about
scrapping clutter and predecorations.

The Bobblehead Shelf and the Table are static and part of the map and the navmesh, keep that in mind if you scrap that!


 - This place preowner was a raidercouple which are now moved away so you will find alot of chems laying around xD
 - Sending followers and Dogmeat to this place works.
 - There are some placed idlemarkers and also markers which makes your followers comment about this place ;)
 - The place has fitting custom ambient music.
 - Theres a shelf with some pre-placed shipments and a copy of Irmas Dress.
 - Supply lines are currently untested, but they should work.
 - Use Place Everywhere to place the Settler Beacon or just send them from another Settlement to this location.
 - Theres a seperate room where you can change you character and hairstyle.
 - A box of beers can be crafted which produced 5 water and 5 food (yes, i know its not immersive, but i dont care :P)
 - Irmas Memorylounge couch is also a new craftable item.
 - Update 1.1 adds 2 cats for ultimate immersion xD


 - v1.0: Initial release
 - v1.1: Added 2 House cats


Im currently working on another update which will contain the following new stuff:

 - A guardpost mat
 - Changing the interiors acoustic space to make it less "cave-ish" for users with the Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul mod installed.

 Q: Console port?
 A: Read the answer under Licensing/Legal.

 Q: I cant place food or water in this place
 A: Use the new craftable item for water and food supplies, or place the regular items with place everywhere.

 Q: Where can i get the outfit?
 A: The outfit is an upcoming clothing mod called "Chained RaiderGirl Outfits", which will get a release in a few days/weeks.

 Q: Where can i get the hairstyles?  
 A: Sadly i cant release them, they are converted from a Skyrim mod and part of my personal "all in one" mod, sorry..  

Credits and misc


 - Elianora (Bobblehead Shelf)
 - QueenLunara (the pre-decorated table)
 - damanding (The beer bottle box)
 - Socapex (Background Music)
 - DaMatt (Shelf Background Picture)
 - blubswillrule (Shelf frame wood texture)


 - PILGRIM weather and ENB preset
 - Synthstream FM (the radio on the shelf)

Tools Used

 - Blender for modeling / UVW work
 - Material Editor
 - NifSkope
 - Photoshop CS2
 - Creation Kit and FO4Edi