Militia Rifle by Rob Palmer
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Update 1 is available. This adds a few new grips that let you choose between holding the weapon like a pistol or a rifle (rather than folded always being pistol grip), tweaks the damage values, gives enemies a rifle instead of a pistol version, and fixes some texture and material paths in an attempt to fix a bug. 

Note: If you're using any mods that add weapons to the levelled lists, there's a chance they use the same template script I use, and you might be asked about overwriting. I didn't alter the base script so you can stick with the version you already have and it should be fine, I just reference it. 

It's been 200 years since the Great War. To the West, the Gun Runners have begun reverse engineering and manufacturing new weapons to rival the Old World. In the East.. crude pipe weapons are still the norm. Not anymore! Commonwealth gunsmiths have created a crude but reliable handmade weapon, easily produced using modest tools, to replace the aging pipe weapons. Adds a new lore friendly, highly customisable, level scalable weapon to Fallout 4. Based on a mixture of real-world weapons, like the Sten Gun, and custom design. Fully animated using the Pipe Gun animation set.

The weapon is added to the level lists when you first load the game after installing, so it should appear in the hands of Raiders and Gunners around the Commonwealth (spawn rate is variable, might take an encounter or two to come across it.)

If you want to get your hands on it immediately, you can find it in the Ranger Cabin directly south of Sanctuary, underneath the broken bed. Alternatively, use the console command "player.additem xx000F99 1" (replacing the 'xx' with the number the mod is in your load order)

Warning! Still fully testing this. Works fine on my PC but I can't vouch for other systems. Hence v0.1 not 1.0. Please report any bugs :-)

Xbox One version (Bethesda.net): https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4038236