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This small mod fixes 2 wrong textures for normal green Protectrons (only needed for HD DLC), a wrong texture path for the Medic Protectron and a wrong texture path for Robobrain deault color (useful for vanilla and HD DLC).

Permissions and credits

This mod fixes some problems with textures for Protectrons. You can choose between 2 downloads.

The first download fixes a wrong file path in a material file from the Medic Protectron. Now you see the white leg pieces instead of the green ones. Furthermore, there's a wrong texture linked in the default color for Robobrains which lets the body appears pink but should be unpainted like the rest of the Robobrain parts. This fix works with every texture replacer and with/without the High Resolution DLC.

The second download is only meant for users of the High Resolution DLC. If you use the High Resolution DLC all green Protectrons uses 2 wrong textures. The arms uses blue red and yellow colors but should appear green. I recolored the wrong parts on these 2 textures to match the intended green version. Because I changed 2 textures directly therefore any texture replacer would be overwritten. The content from download 1 is included here so you don't need to download both.


This mod has no impact at all, you won't notice a difference performance wise.


Just use your favourite mod manager.

Because this mod doesn't use an esp, you can safely install and uninstall it as you like, no clean save requiered.

If this is your first mod you may want to watch the tutorial from Gopher to get started. If something should still be unclear, just drop a comment and I would be glad to help you out.

Load Order

This mod changes only some textures and 1 material file and no plugin is needed so you don't need to worry about your load order sorting.

HH511 brought these problems to my attention. Go and give him a Kudos if you like.

Gabedds pointed me to the bug with the pink Robobrain color. He deserves a Kudos as well.

This mod is not made, guaranteed, or supported by Zenimax, Bethesda Game Studios, or any of their affiliates.