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  1. Biscoitoso
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    I am trully your fan!

    Your mod is very good, speacially when I use it with some other mods what buff enemies!!!

  2. Mebantiza
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    While I certainly like and respect what this mod tries to do, I have to admit, I am feeling a little OP with it running. The problem however, is not really the file itself, but how it affects balance vs everything else. I am level 54 atm, and, I am pretty much mowing everything down with ease. One thing I may need to look at, is making NPCs with ranged or meelee weapons, stronger and or more accurate.

    The file does make weapons that should be powerful, more powerful. That part works well enough. I particularly was annoyed by how weak the 50 cal sniper rifles were especially compared to Overseers Guardian. So, it was nice to see that weapon class in particular, finally be something you would actually want to use.

    For balancing though, this is trickier than you would think. Used in isolation, this file does seem to make you rather OP.

    For higher powered weapons like the 45s or 50 cals, or the heavy weapons, ammo should be either a lot more Rare, or More expensive, or both, so you are forced to be sparing with it. Right now, you can buy even high tech and very powerful ammo from pretty much everyone. The merchants might need a lot of tweaking in terms of inventory and LL to compensate.

    NPCs would need to be either more accurate with their weapons fire, or do more damage, or some combination of both. Right now, they miss a lot, and dont do a lot of damage except when the SS is a low levels.

    Atm, I can fairly easily kill Mirelurk Queens even with Overseers and dont even really need to resort to weapons like The Last Minute.

    Speaking of the Last Minute, all I need to do now, is find a nice sniper spot, and Long Range even Legendary Gunners down with one or two shots. The lower ranking ones, are no issue. I just cleared all of Hub City with the LM from the rooftop of Sargus Iron Works.

    One last issue which is not really related to what this mod does, but is somewhat. Weapons on merchants are simply too cheap. Advanced weapons and high powered ballistic weapons are simply too cheap for how easy it is to make money. A common issue with all Bethesda games really.

    Ex, I can pick up a Assault Rife -Powerful with Drum, recon scope for only 602.

    A full Improved Auto Plasma Rifle? Only set you back 368 caps. Figure that one out....I cant.

    A Mini-Gun, only 494 and so on.
    1. trent2k
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      I have been using Equilibrium for years now, and I wholeheartedly agree. While it does make many weapons and stuff like traps and syringer finally usefull, the game becomes way to easy for 90% of the time. The other 10% is reserved for when you are swarmed by enemies, but really, how often do you find yourself swarmed? Most of us stealth around or at least dont run around like rambo on roids, so we most always get the first shot, which, with Equilibrium installed, is all you need. Deathclaws melt before your eyes, even legendary ones, never posing a threat. Nothing really poses a threat as long as you can shoot first.

      People like to bash on FO4 for it not being what the previous 2 were, but for what its worth, after all these years, I have come to see why they balanced the game the way vanilla is balanced. Having a legendary bullet sponge enemy on survival shooting at you or running you down (deathclaws, radscorps) is much more frightening without mods like Equilibrium because you HAVE to engage them for a few seconds, giving them time to hit you aswell.

      I love Equilibrium and it does what it does really good (still to this day the best on the Nexus), but tbh, you would want to install other mods that buff up enemies considerably (or make yourself considerably weaker, but you still shoot first so....) to re-discover any sense of threat in-game.
      Open to any suggestions on the latter part on how to achieve this best. Are there mods on the nexus, stable mods, that make enemies (all and any enemies) harder and maybe spongier?
    2. Fede300
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      What about running without weapon modifications once you're nearing level caps? I'm at level 50 and enemy damage and damage dealt by me seem fine
    3. OwynTyler
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      Just mod outgoing_damage difficulty variable then? (one for when you increase game difficulty)
    4. OddballE8
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      I use this in combination with the Survival Options mod, to change outgoing and incoming damage.

      For me, enemy accuracy is scary high when you can die from one or two shots... :)
    5. Carnice
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      At level 54, you may indeed feel OP, but wait until you reach even higher levels. Once your weapon has the highest possible upgrades, and you've collected all the relevant perks, the weapon's damage output has reached its peak. But as your level goes up, so do the hostiles. And then you'll find that your weapon is not as tough anymore as it once was.

      Or maybe you could start playing a higher difficulty level (if you're not already playing hardcore survival). And there are always mods to add new encounters to your commonwealth. SKK50 has a bunch that will make you think twice about feeling OP. Truly, everything is relative! :D

      For example, when I play an easy game with a level 100 character, I can usually walk around alone and without any power armor, and mow everything off my lawn with one or two well-placed rounds from either my VATS-enhanced pipe revolver pistol or my Never ending pipe bolt-action pistol. But if suddenly, out of nowhere, four Super Mutant Warlords with miniguns start simultaneously pumping tons of lead in my general direction, suddenly I cower away like a whiny little bitch. I must then run and hide my nearly-rotting corpse, pump a bunch of stimpaks into my carcass, and rummage in my backpack for some different hardware. Suddenly I'm not so OP anymore.
    6. AceBunnies
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      What guns are overpowered in Equilibrium? As far as I can tell it doesn't significantly change any of the already most (and still most) powerful weapons. 
  3. Laptoprocker
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    Are you planning on updating this mod?
  4. splizzex
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    I don't have any of the DLCs. Will it still increase the damage of the hunting rifle?
  5. Shinyface
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    I have a very small issue with EQ. I am unable to paint the Combat Shotgun. Everything else works fine, its just that one gun. I have AWKCR and the EQ patch for it. If I turn off EQ I am able to paint the gun, but as soon as I turn EQ back on, the paint is replaced with the default skin. As I said, so far this is the only gun I have this issue with.
  6. Cikung
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    is this compatible https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12986
    1. clutchmaster4200
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      this mod overwrites WoP's projectile names idk if it messes with the bullet behavior or damage at all. but the bullet does spawn and has travel time and i have WoP loading before equilibrium in my load order im using fo4edit to try and get a better load order   
  7. Kanjiirahlni
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    Damn, I love those pics though. Really nice job with the artwork.
  8. saffron3d
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    Should I use this mod? The comment right bellow me is saying how the mod makes guns feel OP, but at the same time, the buffs that this gives to weak weapons like the syringer or the submachine gun look really great.
    1. moopheus
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      When you reach level 50 you have maxed out all damage perks. When you reach level 100 you still do the same damage you did at level 50 but enemies have doubled their health pool. When you reach level 150 still the same damage. This mod is essential in higher levels and makes weapons great again. If you minmax your characters perks and legendaries throughout your whole playthrough and like to complain how overpowered he / she is with an explosive minigun at lower levels then this mod is not for you. If you want a headshot to actually kill a mob even at the end of a playthrough then you'll love it. The alternative is to not use vanilla weapons at all and install weapon mods instead.

      Bullet sponges are not difficult, they are boring and unimmersive. If you want a challenge in this game: increase npc damage, don't level stealth perks, do frontal assaults on enemies and install explosion overhaul mods. Didn't see that mine / trap / incoming grenade? Too bad, hope you didn't save an hour ago ...
    2. herd
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      > do frontal assaults on enemies

      Yes, very wise suggestion. Maybe you should play COD instead?
  9. MyLittleCreator
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    Does anyone know if this mod integrates changes made by the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch (UFO4P)?
    If not, how many bug fix (roughly) has been overwritten?
  10. Carnice
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    Dang! It's well over two years since I installed this, and I've never regretted that.

    The only trouble it gave me, is that it conflicts with Kinda Logical Weapon Dismemberment]. No biggie, though; I've simply performed a li'l surgery to merge the other mod's effect into this one...