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This is a Nexus Mod Manager Installer for Transfer Settlements Blueprints for uploading to the Nexus

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Welcome to Caladon's Nexus Mod Manager Installer for Transfer Settlements Blueprints!

This is a Nexus Mod Manager Installer for Transfer Settlements Blueprints for uploading to the Nexus

This Zip File contains the necessary File and Folder Structure to allow NMM to correctly install your Blueprint File with a choice of which of the 50 slots your Downloader wants to install your Blueprint into, including an In-Game Blueprint Texture to display the mods needed to import your Blueprint.

This is a Manual Download Only as the .json is just a placeholder for you to replace with your Blueprint file and the ModuleConfig.xml needs to be edited to have your file name as instructed below.

For Editing the ModuleConfig.xml you can just use notepad but I recommend using Notepad++ as this will display the file in an organized manner making it much easier to see where changes need to be made.

Instructions: Download the Zip and unpack the Files in the folder "NMM Transfer Settlements Blueprint Installer" to any empty Folder you want. I Recommend making the Folder Name reflect the Name of your Blueprint.

In that folder, you will have 3 files and a folder.

File 1 = Readme.txt  -  You can edit this to describe your Blueprint
File 2 = Blueprint_d.dds    -  This is a Clean Blueprint Texture File to display In-Game the Mods needed by your Blueprint, You need a Graphics Program that can edit .DDS Files like Gimp to update this.
File 3 = Replace This With Your Exported Blueprint File.json  -  Delete this and replace it with your Exported Blueprint.

Folder = FOMOD   -   This has 2 Files
File 1 = ModuleConfig.xml   -   This is the Instructional File that tells NMM where to install the .json and .dds files and Displays the choice of slots to the People who download and install your Blueprint.
File 2 = logo.png   -  This just helps build the Display during the Install in NMM

After Deleting the File "Replace This With Your Exported Blueprint File.json" copy your own Blueprint File into the root of your folder where that file was. You can rename your Blueprint to anything you want as long as it ends with .json and that name is what will appear in the Transfer Settlements Blueprint List In-Game.

If you don't want the Blueprint to display when doing an import you can delete the Blueprint_d.dds file, but it looks more professional if you Edit it to display the Mods you need, to install your Blueprint. To Edit this you need a Graphics Program. I Recommend Gimp as it is Free and works quite well. You will need to install the DDS Plugin into Gimp before you will be able to edit DDS Files. Once Gimp is installed with the Plugin, just open Blueprint_d.dds with Gimp. When it asks you to load Mipmaps remove the check from the top option. You can now use the Text Tool to add any Text to the Blueprint you want. Once done adding Text make sure you Merge all layers Down ( From the Layer Menu ) then click on FILE and choose "Overwrite Blueprint_d.dds"

Now in the Folder FOMOD open the ModuleConfig.xml file with the text editor of your choice ( Again I recommend Notepad++ ) and first change the Text in the brackets "Replace This with the name you want the Installer to display" to the name of your Blueprint, This will appear at the top of the NMM Installer Window when your Downloader is installing your Blueprint. Next, use the Replace All feature of your Editor to replace "ReplaceMe.json" ( without quotes ) with the actual name of your Blueprint file. It should replace 100 entries.

Now just Zip up your Folder and the Zip File will be ready for upload to the Nexus with your Blueprint!

Many Thanks to Gopher as I used his installer as the basis for this.

If this helps you please Endorse and feel free to leave any comments as I Enjoy knowing if my efforts are helping others!

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