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Inspired by the Metro and S.T.A.L.K.E.R series this mod adds a network of tunnels and a metro town for the player to explore.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
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1. Description
2. Translations
3. Bugs/Conflicts
4. Credits
5. Acknowledgements 

1. Description

Inspired by the Metro and S.T.A.L.K.E.R series this mod adds a network of tunnels and an underground village situated within the metro.

Upon reaching the metro village the player finds that the inhabitants are unable to access their normal sources of supplies due to the appearance of some stronger mutants within the tunnels. After talking with the Mayor the player is tasked with descending into the deep dark depths of D6 in an attempt to make the scavenging areas safe again.

The entrance to the tunnels is situated within the Back Bay area.

Currently most of the NPCs in this mod are not voiced so subtitles will need to be enabled.

I'm open to any suggestions or ideas for improving or expanding this mod so go ahead and leave a comment (and I may get around to adding it in). 

-==Recommended Playing Style==-

While I'm not going to tell you how to play the game, however I have created and attempted to balance (using my lvl 50 character) this mod with a certain play style in mind.

  • Using a directional Pip-Boy light mod (e.g. Pip-Boy Flashlight)
  • Using only the weapons that can be bought from Sergey (i.e revolver, bastard gun, shotgun, combat knife).
  • No companions.
  • No power armour.
  • Exploring D6 anticlockwise (going west).

-==Top Tips For Being Cheeki Breeki==- 

  • When updating your version of The Metro make sure you are outside of any of the added tunnels.
  • There is somewhere to explore in every D6 station.
  • Some areas may not look accessible from far away but it's always worth jumping about to see where you can get to.
  • Radio signals aren't able to reach into the deep metro. Fast travelling or loading a save should restore your pipboy radio after leaving the deep metro.
  • A true S.T.A.L.K.E.R can identify anomalies by subtle changes in the environment.
  • Outsiders are only accepted in the village once they have proved themselves in the deep tunnels. 

2. Translations

French translation by Floyd2099
French Translation by anaktiz. (outdated)
Russian Translation by kopasov. (External link).
Spanish translation by TRSsjk
German translation by zSiRDrop

If anyone wishes to provide any further translations please do not hesitate to message me.

3. Bugs/Conflicts

No bugs are currently known or are expected. (see bugs tab for further info)

This mod is very unlikely to conflict with any other mods. The access to The Metro is via a trapdoor within an alleyway in the Back Bay area - any mods that edit or obstruct this area are the only foreseeable problems. No vanilla subway stations, entrances, or tunnel systems are edited so other subway mods will not conflict with this one.

Load order likely will not affect this mod.

However if you find anything contrary to the above please let me know.

4. Credits
Title image (and French translation) by anaktiz

Voice Actors
Dmitry - Charlie4077
Sergey - lucidaxe
Khan - RoastinGhost
Artyom - Cliff Davenport (Kinsmarck)
Front Gate Guard - Telsperhr
Rachmaninov - RoastinGhost
Misc. Villagers - Cliff Davenport (Kinsmarck)

5. Acknowledgements
Without the help of some people on the Nexus Forums I wouldn't have been able to get the mod to where I wanted, mainly BigAndFlabby who basically wrote the script that makes the main body of the quest work. It's only a relatively simple quest but I wouldn't have been able to string the areas together without it. Also thanks to ThoraldGM who helped me realise that I actually had to export the scripts so the quest would work.