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The NCR is marching into the Commonwealth, gear up and get ready to claim the Commonwealth for the Republic!

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Xbox version!

Massive thanks to AWARHERO for the great showcase video!

+ + What's this? + + 

Today we are finally ready to start releasing some of our content created for Fallout Cascadia, first out is the NCR Patrolman and Trooper Armors made by the fantastic L0rd0fWar.

+ + What's in it? + +

There are 6 different variations of the NCR Trooper outfits alongside the NCR Patrolman Armor from New Vegas.

Paired with the armors are 8 accessories to go along with them. 

+ + How to craft the armors? + +

By default, the armors are crafted at a Chemistry Workbench in the Utility category.

With the AWKCR patch, they are crafted in the Armorsmith Workbench.

+ + Installation + +

Install through NMM or ModOrganizer2. 
For manual installation copy/extract the archive into your Data folder and check the .esp off in your data loader.

+ + Uninstallation + +

Uninstall through NMM or ModOrganizer2.
For manual installation remove the contents of the archive from your Data folder.

+ + Known issues + +

None known.

+ + Credits + +

L0rd0fWar for creating the models and textures.

Flenarn for implementation.

Vicyorus, shad0wshayd3, Cannibal Aardvark and mattdamon420 for additional assistance.

+ + Fallout Cascadia + +

This mod is a product of the Fallout Cascadia Development team.
For more information about the project visit our website or Discord server.

See you in Seattle!