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  1. FalloutCascadia
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    1.2 has gone live!

    All reported bugs has been fixed.

    Reworked keywords, all pieces that are intended to be modded are now moddable. Tweaked recipes slightly, added a short-sleeved bandoleer version and a short-sleeved manteled version.

    Clipping with gasmask and raincoat has been fixed.

    Added two new paint jobs, a Winter one, and a Mojave one. NCR emblem available aswell.
  2. noahthegrey
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    Is the Ranger Hat for the patrol armor also in this mod?
    Edit: Nvm. It is.
  3. TheAngryBlyat
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    I'm getting some clipping issues when it comes to the gas mask, in the sense that the top of my character's forehead clips through the mask. I downloaded the most recent version of the mod as well.
  4. dragonslayer2k12
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    I finally got around to using this mod really just for maccreepy to wear. Some things I had to add were AWKCR just compared the patch file with the main and copied over the values then I didn't need the patch anymore. Some things I had to fix were the hand wraps only covering the left hand it was just an armor slot selection in FO4EDIT and the ap_ keyword for railroad armor was missing for a lot of things that had railroad ballistic armor support oh and the legendary keyword was missing from the patrolman armor.

    Some things I noticed well.... no elbow or knee pads for any of the outfits although the patrolman armor has the leg armors but it too doesn't have any elbow pads. This is important because there is no armor to use that only has the forearm covered so anything at all clips with the patrolman armor. The trooper uniform has a bandolier or some bags you can't have both without fiddling around in nifskope. The bags and bandoliers could have been mod addons in the workbench to increase carry weight or reload speed instead of being separate armors. I really wish the patrolman armor had different texture options and emblem options.

    I like this mod I just don't know where it would fit in with my game play. Like anything else from the older games it could be found at kellogg's house or maybe at nick's office but other than that I don't know. I kinda don't like just crafting it and running off to maccreepy so I will probably put a full set in nick's house and set it to unowned so it won't be stealing to take it. I think I can fix the left arm missing bug for pip pad users like myself just have to drop the main outfits in outfit studio and delete everything except the arms then export it and hope it works.
  5. Tekek
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    Been wanting to try my hand at modding fallout 4. I want to add the NCR faction into the commonwealth and would basically use the armors for the patrol soldiers and the few in the outpost.
    1. Riot77701
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      I have been looking for a mod that goes by the description you gave, any luck with it?
  6. SupremeJustice63
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    For The NCR Armours mod on Xbox One it still requires the Assault Carbine to work on the All in one version but the auther who made the Assault Carbine mod, recreated the mod that has both the Service Carbine and the Assault carbine and as well as apoligized. I enable it senese it still requires the Assault Carbine itself to work.

    I was wondering if you fix it to were if you have the Service rifle mod, it will bypass the Assault Carbine mod to work.
  7. darroughgt
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    does the ranger one have separate armor pieces?
  8. dnesche4
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    Very good mod. You can make NCR military police uniform?
  9. topherbrink
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    Any chance of a variant without the NCR orange logo?
  10. arthas52
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    Do you think we can have a version of the mod with the Service Rifle by deadpool2099 someday ? Thanks !
  11. apollodensin
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    Are there any plans to add the First recon armors into this mod?