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  1. FalloutCascadia
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    1.2 has gone live!

    All reported bugs has been fixed.

    Reworked keywords, all pieces that are intended to be modded are now moddable. Tweaked recipes slightly, added a short-sleeved bandoleer version and a short-sleeved manteled version.

    Clipping with gasmask and raincoat has been fixed.

    Added two new paint jobs, a Winter one, and a Mojave one. NCR emblem available aswell.
  2. dnesche4
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    Very good mod. You can make NCR military police uniform?
  3. topherbrink
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    Any chance of a variant without the NCR orange logo?
  4. Tekek
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    Been wanting to try my hand at modding fallout 4. I want to add the NCR faction into the commonwealth and would basically use the armors for the patrol soldiers and the few in the outpost.
  5. arthas52
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    Do you think we can have a version of the mod with the Service Rifle by deadpool2099 someday ? Thanks !
  6. apollodensin
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    Are there any plans to add the First recon armors into this mod?
  7. kanzei
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    When the files appear in mod manager the file names are such that it's indistinguishable between the 4k and the original file. The 4k one is ironically the one with the vanilla name, and the original file has a series of numbers. The patch is actually clearly marked. It's common among mod authors to leave these files ambiguous or with an unintelligible series of numbers at the end of the file name. I recommend just manually installing one at a time. DL. install. delete it. DL the second one. install. delete it too. otherwise you might get as confused as I got.

    Additionally if you have awkcr and thus are required to use the compatibility patch; for whatever reason the author removed the option to craft it in the chem lab, and you'll be forced to wait until you have the necessary level, special, perk, and materials to craft the workbench and the armor. I don't know why this was the case. So I dug through some console searches and rather than type out all the codes here, simply use "help ncr 4" command in console and scroll up about 50 or so entries and you'll see a series of NCR gear codes. They begin with E85600. Then use command "player.additem <code number> 1" for each item. You'll want to write down the codes as after each time you add one to your inventory you'll have to scroll back up through all the other items in game that contain "ncr" in their description. Oh, and the beret is labeled Beretta. I kept expecting to find a handgun. lol. Have fun.

    The 4k version looks great though.
  8. tjzil
    • supporter
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    Hey, as a suggestion maybe you could add a helmet variation that has the road goggles on top like in New Vegas. Just discovered that the goggles are pretty much exactly like new vegas so I'm adding it to the leveled lists in my MNO - Minutemen NCR Overhaul mod.
  9. fefuentes2000
    • member
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    When I equip the NCR Patrolman Armor the NCR trooper uniform is unequipped, leaving my character wearing a naked armor. I tried to use AWKCR patch but nothing happened. I think they are using the same slot
    1. SoulThief1221
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      the trooper uniform (any variant including the unarmored ones) use the chest slot, and so does the patrolman armor
  10. gstech
    • member
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    i love the mod the only issue is that the armors dont seem good for high lvl characters hope we can upgrade the stats and also having balistic weav, the ncr patrolman outfit is like going naked lol
  11. hessikin
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    Firstly, I love this mod. Fantastic set of armor, love having the Patrol Armor and more back in the game.

    My one and only issue is that I can't upgrade the Patrol Armor vest or clothing, yet the gloves are modifiable with ballistic weave and whatever else. I'd like to be able to use ballistic weave with the actual armor and not an accessory.
    1. gstech
      • member
      • 11 posts
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      Tottaly agree hope we see these feature soon!