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  1. FalloutCascadia
    • member
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    1.2 has gone live!

    All reported bugs has been fixed.

    Reworked keywords, all pieces that are intended to be modded are now moddable. Tweaked recipes slightly, added a short-sleeved bandoleer version and a short-sleeved manteled version.

    Clipping with gasmask and raincoat has been fixed.

    Added two new paint jobs, a Winter one, and a Mojave one. NCR emblem available aswell.
  2. AWOL85
    • member
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    Save for the Ranger armor, these armors don't have any energy resistance, save for asbestos lining which doesn't even come close the being enough. Anyone with an energy weapon will slaughter you!

    Could you possibly add some Energy Resistance? Maybe equal to or 10 lower than the Ballistic resistance. Or could you make it compatable with ballistic weaves? I would love it if you could that!

    Really either option would be better and greatly appreciated.

    EDIT: After a lot of screwing around, I noticed that the handwraps CAN have Ballistic Weave! So Nevermind me!
  3. fefuentes2000
    • member
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    When I equip the NCR Patrolman Armor the NCR trooper uniform is unequipped, leaving my character wearing a naked armor. I tried to use AWKCR patch but nothing happened. I think they are using the same slot
  4. C0r9us
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    Heads up; this guy named Sterben_TOP is taking your assets and putting them on the steam workshop for ArmA 3.

    Here is the theft;

    edit: my grammar is bad
  5. CyrusBioCrystal
    • member
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    Is it possible to get a fix for pip-boy mods like the pip pad and mods like it
    1. MattC
      • member
      • 59 posts
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      I was wondering the same thing
      Or is there maybe a workaround I am not aware of ?
  6. SledgePopadopalos
    • member
    • 131 posts
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    The Patrolman Armor looks great, but the hat looks a bit weird. How come it isn't the Campaign Hat/Lemon Squeezer that they use in NV?
  7. UEGHunter631
    • member
    • 24 posts
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    For some reason in first person the arm leading to the hands is gone, its really distracting and I like to switch between both views often.
  8. UEGHunter631
    • member
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    It looks so cool! :)
  9. JackTrenton
    • member
    • 406 posts
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    Does anyone know how to fix the bald head issue with the raincoat?
  10. tekmage
    • member
    • 672 posts
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    The screenshots really don't show how great these sets look up close. Thank you for sharing this lore friendly mod!

    The NCR patrol hat looks great with the NCR Ranger armour by Unoctium.
  11. butternator
    • member
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    How to get it? Where to find it? How to craft it? Where to buy it?