Fallout 4
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This mod greatly expands the Fallout 4 soundtrack using music from several music mods and merging them into one file.

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Fallout 4's soundtrack is great, but even the best music gets annoying after 100 hours of game-time. There are many mods available that will expand the soundtrack, but they are largely incompatible with each other. I didn't want to choose just one music mod to use, so I made a patch to combine several of them. 

This mod gives you the option to install several different versions to suit your taste. You can combine just a few music mods, or you can combine many. However, all of the mods I currently have included were chosen because they fit in well with Fallout 4's existing music. If you would like to see another mod included, feel free to ask, but I may be reluctant to add anything that deviates too heavily from Fallout 4's style.

As of update 1.2, I am simplifying the NMM installer to just two options: all DLC or no DLC. My personal edits that add the music to new places, such as adding the Fallout 1 children of atom theme to the Far Harbor Children of Atom, will be included in both versions rather than separated into a third option. This is due to the enormous amount of time that maintaining all three versions was taking.

You can use any combination of, or all of, the following music mods: 

Faded Glory 3.5 (Vanilla Fallout Version or all DLC version) 
Fallout Suite 1.1 
Nir Shor 1.2 
Classic Fallout 1.2 
Stalker 1.1
Fallout 3 ambient music 1.0
Digital Nightmare 1.10

note: Digital Nightmare has several optional modules for combat music. You can install any one of them, as Ambient Fallout Compilation is equipped to handle all of them. Just make sure that Ambient Fallout is below the Digital Nightmare plugin in your load order. DO NOT DISABLE THE DIGITAL NIGHTMARE PLUGIN, OR THE BA2 CONTAINING THE MUSIC WON'T LOAD. Just make sure the plugin is overridden by Ambient Fallout Compilation.

If you want to use the old version 1.1 of this mod, read that description in the spoiler

A couple of things to note: Do not disable the plugin for Fallout Suite, Digital Nightmares or Faded Glory. Just put Ambient Fallout Compilation below them in your load order. This is because these mods pack their music in a ba2 file, so the plugin must be active for the archive to be read. (If you know what you're doing, you can unpack this archive and disable the plugin.) All of the other plugins for Nir Shor, Classic Fallout, Stalker, and Fallout 3 soundtrack can be safely disabled as Ambient Fallout Compilation includes their edits.

Also, if you do not have a copy of Fallout 3 available, you can still install this mod safely. It will just skip over the Fallout 3 music if it can't find the files.

If the original music mods have been updated beyond the versions listed above, you can still install this mod but it may not use the newest music files. I will try to keep this file updated in a timely manner when possible.

If you like this mod and think it is worthy of an endorsement, please also endorse the original music mods!

**Update** This mod made the hotfiles! Thanks for downloading!