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Numerous dyed hair texture replacers for the colorful Sole Survivor.
Now some colors have natural eyebrows!

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Are you tired of boring, natural colored hair? Well, now you don't have to with Zella's Hair Dye Collection: dozens of new colors to choose from, each coming with two shades each.(These are outdated with Nuka World, so if you have Nuka World try my standalone swatches.)

This mod replaces the color for the "white" and "bleached" colors, therefore you may run into some hip looking grandmas. Only one color can be active at a time. New "10 Colors Standalone" will not replace white and bleached! It adds 10 of the most popular shades in their own little category. This however will not work with other race altering mods like standalone Appealing Moles and THBrows. But these are all included in the LooksMenu Customization Compendium!

Xb1 version here! 
XB1 Version 2

**The 10 colors standalone versions are compatible with Nuka World! Raiders will have my color colors vs the newly added DLC ones. I'm looking into more improvements with this, as the one color replacers are not compatible with Nuka World.

If you're having trouble changing hair colors, make sure you go to a barber versus using console commands.
If that doesn't work and you're really desperate, check under "Bugs" and "Hair refuses to change color" for another workaround.

If manually installing, extract the zip to ...Fallout 4\Data\
Or place the haircolor_lgrad_d.dds into Fallout 4\Data\textures\actors\character\hair
There's currently some issues with installing with NMM, manual install is recommended if you have issues.

Make sure you have set up your game properly for modding by editing the Fallout4.ini

NOW WITH NEXUS MOD MANAGER :) Thanks, z28proximo

All pics in the description use the "white" shade, which is a little darker than the "bleached" shade..

To delete, delete haircolor_lgrad_d.dss from the folder.

This is my first mod, any feedback is welcome :)

Update 1.1
Burgundy and Red Orange added
NMM Supported

Update 1.11

Now with "Multi" Multi adds 11 shades to the game, each unique from the individual shades, however this replaces the colors for many NPCs as well, so it is not lore friendly. See images for colors affected.
Added Teal - Darker

Update 2.0
Midnight, Orange, Dark purple, and multiple brown eyebrow variants added

Update 2.01
Adds bleached with dark eyebrows

Update 2.02

Added Amethyst and Pink Highlights

Update 2.03 

Added Dark Eyebrows which darkens all of the eyebrows and gives them a brownish tint. The hair colors remain vanilla. Affects everyone with hair.

Update 2.1
Adds "10 Colors Standalone." Contains Amethyst, Bleached w Dark Brows, Burgundy, Dark Teal, Hot Pink, Lavender w Dark Brows, Midnight, Orange, Red, and Soft Pink. Will not work with other race altering mods or hair color mods.

Update 2.2
Includes "10 Colors Standalone - VERSION 2" new colors Aqua, Cobalt, Gold Highlights, Iris, Joker, Magenta, Orchid, Peace, Scarlet and Wolf.Will not work with other race altering mods or hair color mods.

Featured in Fox Guide to fallout for at the 5:07 minute mark, and also on his character throughout the video :)