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someone liked the way cait looked in my game so here is my cait preset. contains an esp version and a looksmenu preset file.

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someone liked the way cait looked in my game and asked me to upload it. This is a nice looking cait, one that looks young and not like a drug addict.

The esm file will override the default preset for cait as long as it is enabled, if you have already made modifications to cait it also contains a looksmenu preset which can be chosen by using the command showlooksmenu (whatever caits ID is).

in the picures cait is wearing minutemen clothes, and gloves from the kerrigan bodysuit mod.

Jack Face Textures and Presets, (please Install version 1.1, as 1.2 will make your cait look very different from the screenshots)
Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar
Zella's Hair Dye Collection version 2
The Eyes Of Beauty Fallout Edition
deluxe makeup
eow makup colours
Looks Menu Customization Compendium
Extended Facial Sculpting
CBBE May work without it, but it will definantly look better if installed.

recommended highly recommended
looks mirror
Photo Light (makes a world of difference)
Extended Hair Colors for LooksMenu

Ps if anyone is wondering why its called bonders beautiful cait, I orignially wanted to call it benders beautiful cait, but thought that may be problematic. I did look it up and found that the name was not trademarked by for the show futurama, but figured i shouldn't use it even if it would most likely not be a problem. I just swapped the E to an O to give my mod a fairly unique name so it is easy to find on the nexus, as opposed to calling it something like beautiful cait replacement.