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Sanctuary City Blueprint Vanilla

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Well... First blueprint that im uploading! 

Sanctuary City List:
27 houses
88 beds
Enough food for all beds
Enough water for all beds
NOT Enough defense for all beds (I like sanctuary beeing attacked)
All Stores (1 Trader, 2 weapons, 1 Armor, 1 Clothing, 2 Bars, 1 clinic, 1 barber, 1 cosmetic)

All houses are fully decorated

But one thing only... This is not full vanilla! Well, it is, but not... wtf? Ill explain
Everything is vanilla, all the lights, buildings, furnitures... everything is vanilla
BUT Im using "Power Conduits and Pylons", so if you dont want to download it, youll have to place conduits by yourself!
If you want to use it, here's the link:

And of course, you will need Transfer Settlements:

I made this settlement big... real big...

So, i really recomend you all to download "Increased Settler Population" (50 or 100 settlers)
If you dont have this, sanctuary will looks like a ghost town! 

AND, if you use this mod, the best way to get settlers is with console commands! (watch out for other settlements with Recruitment radio beacon... they may be Overpopulated)

1. Open workshop
2."player.placeatme 20593" 
3. move the settler to sanctuary

So, thats it! Hope you like it!

And please, if you have some tips of building stuff and decorations (Vanilla) please tell me! The blueprint is complete but i think it needs something more!

Feel free to edit and re-upload!