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Adds more variety to the dialogue companions use the most often. Over 300 new audio files in the companions own voice, with facial expression, and supports Affinity.

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Icebreaker - Piper
Companion Dialogue Overhaul


If you've played Fallout 4 for any length of time, you've probably heard the companions say some of the same lines over and over. This mod adds a little more variety across the board for Piper's repeatable dialogue. For topics that Piper talks about more often (Combat, Trade, Tactical Commands, Friendship/Romance, etc) the variety of dialogue is sometimes doubled, tripled, or quadrupled. The default game Piper has around 2,000 lines of dialogue. About half of those lines are main story lines that the player usually hears only once. From those 1,000 lines I was able to split and/or combine words and phrases to create 300+ new lines of dialogue. They should be indistinguishable from the original dialogue and sound appropriate for the subject.

The mod tries to make the companion a little more human by adding the new lines of repeatable dialogue to the already existing 1,000 default lines of repeatable dialogue, so it might not be a drastic difference. But it should be noticeable since the new lines are spread more in the categories that Piper will use the most.


  • Blends in seamlessly with the original Piper dialogue in quality and theme.
  • Over 300 new lines. One word responses that normal people use all the way up to a few multi-sentence lines.
  • New lines added to the companion's response to types of locations (creepy, quiet, dusty, messy, etc), specific named locations, the player's interaction with other NPCs, the player's everyday actions in the Commonwealth, combat, trade, tactical and assistance commands, friendship or romance (with correct affinity levels), Lover's Embrace waking up, and many other categories.


NMM for the automatic install. For manual it's also simple, instructions are in the ReadMe.txt.  To uninstall just remove the same files, instructions also in the ReadMe.txt.


Compatible - with all mods, except mods that change Piper's dialogue lines.

My Other Mod                                                 
  • Icebreaker - Settlements - Settler Dialogue Overhaul 400+ new lines in the settlers own voices and characters.



    • 'Fallout 4 Piper Wright Pinup Open Edition' drawing by Crystal Graziano. Amazing freestyle artist and cosplayer.
    • B.A.E. - Archive extraction. B.A.E. is everything.
    • Unfuzer - File format conversion.
    • Pretty Piper, Piper visual redesign mod seen in screenshot, by mystolle.
    • Screenshot of 'Pretty Piper' taken by Centerman
    • Ice Cube drawing by Ken Murray from Noun Project
    • Fallout 4 voice actors, writers, producers, directors, production, programmers, artists, etc.