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This blueprint is now released in 3 different versions (enthusiastic, reaonable & performance friendly)

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||| Newsflash |||

22.07.19 || Somerville Place - release
25.03.18 || The Slog - release
13.03.18 || Croup Manor - release
06.12.17 || Sanctuary Hills - release

||| The Castle |||

The Castle is the central institution in the storyline of the Minutemen. Thus I wanted to create a memorable headquarter. In doing so, the settlement ended up testing the limitations of my hardware. While th 9k+ items lead my PC to the edge of playability, users of the blueprint faced ctds both during and after import. As a result some of you asked for a performance friendlier version.
Look no further, here it is! To be more accurate: here they are!

You can choose between 3 versions - divided into the following performance categories:

  1. enthusiastic - the Castle obsessiveley decorated & lighted // 9k+ items
  2. reasonable - the Castle optimized to run at min 30fps on my system // 8k+ itmes
  3. performance friendly - the Castle evenly downgraded & with reduced outside area // 5k+ items

Tips for The Castle

||| Installation |||

If you want to test the blueprint and save time - you can download the provided savegame instead.

||| space2jump |||

My general goal is to deliver high quality content. That means I invest a high portion of my leisure time into this project. For that reason any endorsement is highly appreciated.
If you consider supporting me financially, you can donate directly to my paypal account.
If you have need help, have improvements in mind or want to address critique, feel free to use ´comments` section.

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||| Credits |||

Personal thanks to the two people who supported me financially and thus encoruaged me to get this done.
Further thanks to CDANTE, who is the author of Transfer Settlements. A great mod by a competent and helpful modder. In addition, thanks to:


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