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  1. ngabber
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    Q: When I install with *mod manager*, I get a message asking me to replace "PersistantSubgraphInfoAndOffsetData.txt"?
    A: It's safe to either overwrite or ignore this file. (I recommend overwriting it.)

    Q: The gun doesn't show up ingame/invisible?
    A: Set up your game for modding: Fallout 4 Mod Installation Guide

    Q: XBox version?
    A: Available on Main Mod/Nuka-World Patch

    Q: Update for XBox when?
    A: When everything is done and the mod is confirmed to be working properly.
  2. ngabber
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    • 839 posts
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    Hey everyone;
    Thanks to Nutulator and Fiddler Green, you can now enjoy an update for this mod. Here are the recent additions for the new 2.0 version:
    - 75-round Drum magazine was added. Model and textures were made by Nutulator and animations were made for it by Fiddler Green. Thank you guys for your work on this addition.
    - Semi-auto animations have been fixed by Fiddler Green, so the firemode has been added to the mod. All vanilla-style receivers are removed, and instead you can change fire-mode of the gun freely.
    - New lowered position animations (by Fiddler of course)
    - Added the Glow Sights some of you have been requesting.
    - The taped mags now have a unique reload animation (from the old AK74M mod, 3rd person not available yet)

    There are more updates in the works, but for now I can't upload them. Once I have everything worked out, I'll update the mod again with a few more new things. I hope you guys like the new update and please thank these amazing modders for their contribution.

    IMPORTANT: Since the receivers have been removed, the update must either be clean installed, or you must scrap your rifles and craft/buy/console new ones after updating.
  3. mbrto1
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    "craftable at the chemlab"

    but why?
    this is extremely unimmersive
    1. LordShadow38
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      then don't craft it
    2. ShaquilleWang
      • premium
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      You could edit the mod so that craftable at AWKCR's Weaponsmith, keyboard warrior.
  4. Ryuandjohn
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    Thank you for making this mod. Are you also going to make an AK-47 variant since there are differences to the AKM and the AK-47? A separate AK-47 mod or an update to this AKM mod? I would really love to see your mod of an AK-47 in the game. I don't really like Bethesda's "Hand Made Rifle / AK-47" as it looks more like an AKS-74U to me no matter how I modify it.
  5. marios23
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    A question regarding my favorite weapon mod...concerning the legendary variant (Bandit), the modified stock offers the effect -30% ignore of the target's armor-. My question is, is this the legendary Penetrating effect -ignores 30% of the target's damage and energy resistance- or a different calculation?
  6. Kyleios
    • member
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    Simply perfect mod, the best ak on the F4 nexus, and i tried almost all, thanks a lot ngabber!!
  7. Hossman84
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    Any way to make the glow sights default green instead of white?
  8. Tenurialrope3
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    I at last have a new graphics card (my previous one broke may 10th last year.),
    so I can now finally see/hear (ingame) that the drum mag reload sound bug is now fixed.
    Thank you ngabber for all your hard work on that fix.

    (It's damn late to write this, more than half a year later, but I felt like I should write something.)

    Again, excellent mod.
    Still the best AK mod on the site I would say. :)
  9. OldSandwich
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    Has anybody made an esp that replaces the handmade rifle with this? Or can anyone explain to me how to do it myself in fo4edit?

    I don't edit the plugins hardly ever, so do I somehow change the form id of the handmade rifle to be the same as the AKM id? Replace every value and model for the handmade to be the same as the AKM and disable akm?
  10. StarFury2
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    Awesome mod, I'm loving everything about it!
    Especially the addition of 2x Iron sight zoom, as well as negative damage multipliers. These are options that many weapon mods don't give.
    Thanks for sharing! Cheers!
  11. Levantinium
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    I'm confused. Usually loose files weapons mods install the meshes -> actors -> animations files as meshes -> actors -> animations -> weapons. This mod has them as meshes -> actors -> animations -> AKManims which then has another "character" and "power armor" folders. Was that how you directed the file paths or was there an error in the update?

    Just wanted to make sure, I copy-pasted exactly as you had, but I won't get a chance to test this out until tomorrow.
  12. zorak912
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    I have the Redux version of this weapon in my old load order but the mod was removed. Does anyone know why? and what was different about this version?