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Simple mod to allow you to customize the companions default weapon.

Permissions and credits
Simple mod to allow you to customize the companions default weapon.

The weapons stats are not altered, only changed some settings to allow customization at the weapons workbench.

Installer for Base game or Base game and DLC

Base game
CompMcCreadyHuntingRifle "= MacCready's Hunting Rifle" [WEAP:0005BBA4]
CompDanseLaserGun "= Danse's Laser" [WEAP:0005BBA6]
CompValentinePipeRevolver "= Valentine's Pipe Revolver" [WEAP:0005BBA7]
CompPiper10mm "= Piper's 10mm" [WEAP:0005DF2D]
CompStrongSledgehammer "= Strong's Sledgehammer" [WEAP:0005DF2E]
CompCaitDoubleBarrelShotgun "= Cait's Double-Barrel Shotgun" [WEAP:0005DF30]
CompHancockDoubleBarrelShotgun "= Hancock's Double-Barrel Shotgun" [WEAP:00062AA4]
CompPrestonLaserMusket "= Preston's Laser Musket" [WEAP:00062AA6]
CompDeaconHuntingRifle "= Deacon's Hunting Rifle" [WEAP:00215CE3]
CompX6-88InstituteLaserRifle "= X6-88's Institute" [WEAP:00215CE4]
CompCurieLaserGun "= Curie's Laser" [WEAP:0022CC13]

DLC Requires: Nuka-World and Far Harbor
DLC03_CompLeverGun "= Longfellow's Lever Action Rifle" [WEAP:0104D39B]
DLC04COMGageHandMadeGun "= Gage's Handmade Rifle" [WEAP:020496EA]

The weapon are not "usable" to the player, they use the companion  ammo types.
Recommended not to change ammo type at the workbench.
If their weapon is lost, replacement weapons can be crafted at the chemistry station in Weapons: Companion
An automatic invisible quest gives the companions the same "no use ammo" keyword that the settlers use. This was done to correct the use of ammo by making their weapons customizable.

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