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About this mod

FO4LE Is a complete overhaul of weapon adn armor Leveled Lists; it includes new game mechanics and a perk rebalance.
It makes the world feel as if the player is not the centre of the universe and

Permissions and credits


This Mod is meant to be used in survival mode; it does a bunch of things:

  • Weapons do damage based on your stats, their mods and their calibers. Weapons with the same calibers do similar damage.
  • Some weapons have changed their calibers and no weapon can be rechambered.
  • Guns are rare, and ammo hard to find. Only organized groups can afford to arm their soldiers well. Many enemies are mostly melee-armed.
  • Leveled Lists have been altered to keep weapon distribution thematic: raiders use melee makeshift weapons and some makeshift firearms, gunners ballistic, BoS laser, Supermutants two-handed melee and some heavy firearms, Institute uses institute lasers and so on...
  • You can craft ammo. Using the appropriate components you can craft normal ammo for some weapons, armor piercing rounds or incendiary rounds. Ammo is crafted by putting together several craftable components (bullet, casing and powder); some components can be sometimes found in ammo boxes so the player can craft ammo beyond their perk capabilities.
  • Weapon prices have been changed to reflect this rarity.
  • 5mm, 45-70 and handmade ammo calibers have been removed from the game. The weapons that used them have had their ammo type changed.

  • Armor now uses Damage Threshold. A well armored enemy is much harder to kill. Conversely, an unarmored player is easy to kill. This applies to armor pieces and some helmets; outfits and hats still use only DR and ER.
  • Power Armor can ignore most small calibers.
  • Power Armor piece health has been increased.
  • Armor can be crafted and its size changed if the player has the proper perks.
  • Armor Leveled Lists have been de-leveled: any piece can appear at any moment. They have been kept thematic to the faction, though.

  • Enemy Leveled Lists have been de-leveled. Any level of enemy may appear at any time.
  • Some enemies have natural Damage Threshold. Mainly robots and mirelurks.
  • Hits to the head do 10x damage, to the torso 5x and to the limbs 3x. Other areas do 2x. This affects the player too.
  • Enemy health has been normalized. Based on race and Endurance. Health offsets have been removed and level does not affect health.

  • Player health is based entirely on Endurance. Level does not affect health. Base health is 150 HP, plus 10HP per Endurance rank.
  • Stimpacks -now called "Bone Density Injections"- are useful to revive companions in battle and to heal 5 points of limb damage. They do not heal health.
  • Healing is done through Bandages. It is possible to improvise bandages on the field through the First Aid Kit using 1 cloth, 1 water and 1 antiseptic. They heal very slowly and a limited amount of points.
  • Using the Medic pek it's possible to craft higer tier bandages that heal twice as fast for just as long.

  • Weights have been revisited, being 1 unit of weight equivalent to 10gr. Player can carry 50Kg plus 10Kg per Strength point.
  • A backpack has been added to be crafted in the Chem Workbench. It has proper visuals.
  • Power Armor increases the carry weight by 100Kg.
  • Water is now stored in a canteen. Any clean water taken above the capacity of the canteen is immediately converted into dirty water. It can store 50 units of water (Equivalent to one bottle of clean water).
  • It is possible to craft a canteen to double the amount of water the player can carry. It has proper visuals.

  • Perks have been re-ordered to make more sense for player progression.
  • Some perks now require you to find magazines in order to be selectable. This forces the player to explore and bars access to much of crafting until the player has found the appropriate magazines. Some magazines appear randomly in some containers. They affect the last 3 ranks of each perk.
- Gun Nut and Demolition Expert.
 - Medic and Chemist.
- Science, Robotics Expert and Nuclear Physicist.
 - Locksmith.
- Sneak.
 - Armorer.
 - Hacker.
 - Gives access to crafting Far Harbour armors.
- Gives access to crafting Nukaworld armors.

  • Attacks on your settlements are much more common and can happen evey 3 days instead of 7.
  • The formula to gather settlers has been modified so they come in faster.
  • Timescale has been set to 8; longer days and nights, longer weather effects.
  • Fusion Cores last twice as much.
  • Crafting XP reduced to 1XP.

You will need to have these mods installed for FO4LE to run:

You will also need all DLCs and the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.

After they are installed, either use NMM or MO to install it or extract the FO4LE folder to your Data folder.

Q: Do I need a new game?
A: While it's not strictly necessary -everything will work just fine- It's strongly recommended you start a new game for this mod:

Q: Is it compatible with...?
A: Probably not. It's fully compatible with retextures, weather mods, audio mods, new models... Other mods may work, but not being balanced for FO4LE may mean they make the game too hard or easy. Anything that alters a race (especially human race), NPCs or Leveled Lists is definitely NOT compatible.

Q: This mod broke my PC and/or corrupted my savegame!
A: It's a beta. Probably it's not this mod's fault, but don't use software in developement if you don't want bugs to report!

Q: You didn't credit me!
A: If that's the case and I didn't realize, please, accept my apologies and contect me so I can correct my mistake :)