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A recycler that can scrap all equipments, including Weapon, Armor, Ammo, Aid, Misc, Junk and Holotap.

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Nodas Equipment Recycler

Now it works with Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) and you can put thing directly into the machine!

This mod can scrap all equipment, including Weapon, Armor, Ammo, Aid, Misc, Junk and Holotap.

Because there are so many players ask for this machine but nobody would like to make it, so i make it!

There are two ways to use this mods:
- A recycler - Nodas Equipment Recycler. This machine works with other machines on CONTRAPTIONS WORKSHOP DLC. This one is to build a factory with continuous chain and it takes time to process. I like this setup.
-> Build it like any other machines. Then build a conveyor before it to connect it with a source of items. Finally, connect it with a power source. Break down components go out of the machine.

- A portable device - Nodas Portable Recycler. This one is for the convenient at the battle field. It instantly recycles items and of course, it fills your carry weight. But for sure, it is lighter than the original items weight.
-> Craft it at any Chemistry station, then use it like any other Aids. You can assign it to a shortcut for your convenient. Break down components automatically add to your inventory.

Comments are always welcome and helps are greatly appreciated to improve the machine. You can help me by showing your mods list if you can not use the machine or the portable device.
Please READ these know issues before you report a bug 

Know issues:
1. Player ask me to put thing directly into the machine. You have it now :D.
2. The machine stops before all items are broken down. It is because sometime two (or more) items go into the machine at the same time, but it can only record 1, so it "thinks" it do the correct job. Just take items out and try again or switch power off/on again.
3. The Portable device doesn't open to put items [promotion picture] in some computers. It is likely that some mods skip the opening interface of the device. It is very useful for me if you can show your mods list in case the device doesn't work.
4. It can be stuck. But this is not my mod. It is the DLC itself. Try not to throw hundreds of items or s.t big on the conveyor on the way to it.
5. some items are "crazy" break down, such as bottle-cap to wood and plastic. It is default value, i will update soon.

How do they work?
- Scrap method: this machine, for now, DO NOT scrap items as original recipes in Fallout 4, except for Junk. It bases on my own ingredients. The basic ingredients are based on type of weapon: Heavy gun, Laser gun, etc. Type of armor: Raider armor, Synth armor, etc. And so on for other equipment. There are tons of reasons for this! The simplest one is that I don't see all the items in Fallout 4 (while playing this game) and out there, players make even more new equipment.
- Notice 1: this machine will turn all food into fertilizer, so if you would like to be a cannibal and enjoy Soylent Green don’t put human meat here!
- Notice 2: all un-scrapable items, including legendary items and bottle-cap can be processed.
Manually install when it doesn't work

Based on snagi12's idea, slabb4666 comment: After installing with NMM (but it does't work), "i redownloaded the file manualy and extracted the Nodas_EquipmentRecycler.BA2 file from the zip file, then extracted the 3 *.pex files in it and put them in my "..\Fallout 4\Data\Scripts\DLC05" folder, that seem to fix the problems i had."

For the "..\Fallout 4\Data\Scripts\DLC05" folder, if it is not there, create it! (original Fallout 4 have "Data" folder, mods will use "Scripts", and my mods based on "DLC05").

For newbies with mods: please make sure you put this in the *.ini file called Fallout4Custom.ini in "Documents/My Games/Fallout4"

I want to help with the mods list, but how to show it?
There are 2 files in "C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Fallout4": Plugins.txt and DLCList.txt. The mods list can be seen in these 2 files.

(If you use NMM you should see the list easily on the left column when run the app :D)

- First objectives of this mod are 2 devices using my own ingredients. 
- Ultimate objective is original recipes in Fallout 4 (I hope it can be :D).

Schedule for release

- First release: Now, 7th June 2017.
- Beta release: July/August 2017.
- Release Candidate with database: 2017.
After RC version, I will propose more schedules for the ultimate goal.
- This is an update to work with AWKCR and therefore can crap more items. Version 0.91 (19th June 2017).
- Beta release Version 0.9 (9th June 2017). It come early :D.
- First release Version 0.83 (7th June 2017).

Keywords: fallout 4, armor recycle, weapon recycle, armor scrap, weapon scrap, scrap everything, scrap equipment, machine, portable.

Any mod that change the original equipment format or the interface of Fallout 4.

I would like to thank:
makcmebel for the correct name of *.ba2 file.
snagi12 for the idea of manually install. slabb4666 for the confirmation that this manually install works.
RedLeviathan for a mods list that doesn't work with my mod.
hamed91211173 for the ideal about the mod Portable Junk Recycler (and of course, the author Kentington). It helps to accelerate the release of the portable device.


Extra information
For those who is curious about the promotion images:
- The armor is the mechanic armor in AUTOMATRON DLC.
- The equipment sorter is “EQUIPMENT SORTER” mod by steamcanuck.
- The girl’s clothes are “The Kite's Vault-Tec Slave Suit” by Niero.

“Playing games shows your basic instinct” - NodasLtb.