Fallout 4

About this mod

Super/Ultra/Widescreen Support for the entirety of Fallout 4.

Permissions and credits

* TruBy9 Fallout 4 Has Ceased Resumed Development! *
  • Test new version with "Next-Gen" update. ON-GOING
  • Extract and patch latest SWFs & required components. ON-GOING
  • Create new FOMOD with advanced support and additional features.
  • Repair Legacy 1.5.11b FOMOD installer for mod managers. COMPLETE
  • Add new UI scaling options for 16:9.
  • Add new UI scaling options for 16:10.
  • Add new UI scaling options for 21:9 (+support for aspect ratio variances per resolution). ON-GOING
  • Add new UI scaling options for 32:9. ON-GOING

As you may have seen the announcement, Ultra-wide support Officially came to Fallout 4 on April 25, 2024.Originally, I intended to cease TruBy9 development due to lack of free time. Welp, the timing (and Bethesda entirely dropping the ball on this update with less than the bare-minimum) couldn't have been more divine.

The Unfortunate news:
I have lots of free time.
The Fortunate news:
I have LOTS of free time (to finally update this mod!)

Thank you to those who personally took the time to message me on here with your generous words of encouragement! I also want to apologize for my lack of presence here on Nexus. You have been heard, and I'm planning out a new roadmap for TruBy9 immediately.

This page will be updated in the coming days with further information.

Much Love,

TruBy9 Fallout 4
The True Super/Ultra/Widescreen Experience!

What does it do?

TruBy9 converts load screens, sprites, 3D icons, and all HUD elements (including the Power Armor and Workshop menu) to proper 21:9 aspect ratio by correctly patching the game's user interface assets.

9 will support two User Interface scaling options during install. "Default UI Scale" which is equal to the vanilla UI size, and a "TruBy9 UI Scale", which will offer much more screen space by reducing the overall size of HUD and menu elements.

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