Fallout 4
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About this mod

Combines the effects of Companion Infinite Ammo, No Companion Power Armor Damage, Companions Can Sneak, and No Companion Fall Damage, for vanilla, DLC, and Mod Companions, WITHOUT making any edits to vanilla records and WITHOUT scripts. No overwrites, no conflicts. Now with Increased Companion Accuracy option.

Permissions and credits
Better Companions - No Conflicts

Hey, we made #1 on the Hot Files!

Huge thanks to everyone who downloaded and endorsed this mod!


Completely uninstall any previous versions before updating.

05/19/17 - Added optional Beta version that incorporates the effects of Companion Accuracy Boost by DMVI without editing vanilla records.
05/24/17 - Update v.1.2 - Fixed the 2 ESP issue with the Accuracy Beta.
         Main File - Added Quick Hands Perk and Increased Accuracy Perk for any current Companion.
  Accuracy Beta - Added Quick Hands perk, Accuracy Perk, and Increased Carry Weight for any current Companion.
06/11/17 - Update v.1.3 - Fixed the invisibility glitch experienced by some users by creating a custom detection value modifier spell.
                                       Updated both the main file and the Accuracy Beta.

What Does This Mod Do?

This mod combines and adds the effects of these great mods:

Companion Infinite Ammo - Effect: Companions only need one round of ammo to continuously fire weapons. Does NOT apply to Mini-Nukes.
Companion Unbreakable Power Armour - Effect: Power armor worn by companions will not become damaged or broken.
Companions Can Sneak - Effect: If you are sneaking and undetected, companions will not be detected by enemies or give you away.
Companion Fall Damage Immunity - Effect: Makes companions immune to fall damage.

It does this for ALL Companions, including DLC and Mod Companions, WITHOUT editing any vanilla records, and WITHOUT adding or altering any scripting.

How Is This Mod Different Than Those Other Ones?

The other mods, although great, ALL do what they do by editing vanilla records, which will cause conflicts with any other mod that edits the same records. This mod adds these effects WITHOUT making any edits to vanilla records, so you get NO CONFLICTS.

You get all the benefits, but none of the side effects, with no complicated configuration, just plug and play.

Required Files:

None, except for the vanilla game.


This mod should be compatible with any mod you can think of.

Installation Notes:

Install using NMM, and uninstall any and all of the other 4 mods linked above that this mod replaces.

This mod can be added or removed at any time, and can be used for both new games and current saves without problems.

Other Notes:

For Companions added by Mods - As long as the Mod Companion is actually added as a true Companion using the normal game mechanic, these effects will be added while they are your Companion.

Known Issues:

There are no known issues at this time.

Load Order:

You can place this anywhere in your load order without issues.