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Patch for ONLY DEATH COULD PART US to make gun compatible with hitman47101's Right-handed Nukaworld AK Replacer

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ODCPU (ONLY DEATH COULD PART US but I am not going to write that again ) is one of the best weapon mods out there for fallout 4 but it only got 389 Endorsements and this is simply unacceptabe. main reason for this heresy is (probably) ODCPU is using vanilla handmade rifle animation and this mod isn't compatible with hitman47101's Right-handed Nukaworld mod. Instead of choosing one of them I decide to make this patch for ODCPU (with my non existent nifskope experience)

FAQ (by myself and I stole every text from hitman's mod description)

You : Is the esp really necessary ?
Me : Yes because in original mod unlike other parts .45 mod's 3d bolt model is one piece and I can't simply change position of bolt simply by rotating because chamber looks empty and I spent entire day to fix this issue with  niftools but it just keep crashing so I just swapped it with .38 reciever model from fo4edit. Also I changed Standard Receiver name and description 


Nuka-World DLC


Throw it in data folder or use mod launcher to do it 

Load Order:

Right-handed Nukaworld AK Replacer
ONLY DEATH COULD PART US from right side

Everything : eyeshkeeper
Animations and Sound : Antistar - hitman47101 - Ha_ru 
My sanity : For holding me back from kicking my monitor because of niftools error