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Patches leveled list and container conflicts between Elianora's Armour Compendium and Horizon and adds DEF_UI tags. Also includes a standalone and merged patch if you run We Are the Minutemen.

Permissions and credits
1/21/2019: Updated for Horizon 1.7! Enjoy!

Updated for Horizon 1.6! Surprisingly few things needed updates.

3/31/2018: Armor values, costs, resists, and utility has been re-tuned to be a little more in-line with Horizon items.  You should also no longer see ballistic weave on some clothing items found in the wild.  

10/12/2017: Version 1.5 now supports Horizon 1.3.1!  I tried to balance armor stats by comparing to base horizon clothes, comparing line by line what Horizon changed about them and matching with Eli's look and feel.  I also made all armor use the Horizon utility and lining upgrades and railroad weaves rather than the default vanilla ones.  This is still very much a beta, but I didn't run into any major issues when I tested it out for a few minutes.  I'll probably submit a few additional changes to balance value and armor stats but the rough numbers should be reasonable.

Unofficial patch for Eli's Armour Compendium and Horizon.

This is considered a BETA until I am convinced there are no bugs or inconsistencies.  If you find any bugs or inconsistencies please report via the bug tracking tab.  I only offer support for the latest version of Eli's Armour Compendium and Horizon.  If you're using an older version of either I offer no support.

Adds DEF_UI tags to magazine's and notes.  
Forwards the changes to the institute vendor container so it contains Eli's armor.
Merges leveled list edits from EAC and Horizon for generic resident clothes and institute NPCs.
(New with 1.1) Added support for the few of Eli's armor pieces that use custom naming rules to now use Horizon's naming rules so they get tagged appropriately. (Removed with 1.5, all armor always uses Horizon's naming rules now)
(New with 1.1) If you use Horizon's expanded tagging addon you can use the optional patch so the few pieces of Eli's armor that use custom naming rules get the same expanded tagging. (Removed with 1.5, this is built into Horizon's naming system now)
(New with 1.5) All armor has been balanced to match Horizon armor and stats and support Horizon's armor mods.  All items have also had their stat modifications removed.  No more free charisma, intelligence, etc...

Install Instructions:
Use Nexus Mod Manager.

If you have We Are the Minutemen, I have uploaded a standalone patch between EAC and We Are the Minutemen.  This has no dependencies on Horizon and can be used standalone (hence the name) to allow minutemen to spawn with clothes and armor from both EAC and We Are the Minutemen.  You should also grab my Unofficial We Are The Minutemen-Horizon Patch as that contains all the Horizon specific tweaks for the actual content of We Are the Minutemen.

The main file installer contains two versions, one with just the EAC-Horizon patches, and one that merges the EAC-Horizon patches with the standalone EAC-We Are the Minutemen patch.  Do not install both the standalone and the merged version of the main file.

The installer now includes the standalone patch instead of a merged main file.  This makes it easier to maintain the patch moving forward at the expense of an additional plugin to install.  If you use all three mods (Horizon, EAC, and WAtM) and need the extra space in your plugin list you can merge these three plugins together yourself using Mator's merge plugins tool.  It works for Fallout 4 mods too.

Load Order:
... (other mods)
MyMinutemen.esp (optional)
... (other mods)
... (other Horizon patches)
-- or, if you are using We Are the Minutemen--
EAC-MM-Horizon-Patch.esp (optional) No longer available with 1.3+
EAC-MM-Patch (optional)  <---  This is the standalone EAC-MM patch. Now included with the 1.3 installer.

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