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  1. jackapoint
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    Hi everyone :)

    Version 2.5 is UP!!

    XBOX and PS4 versions also available in

    More info about the mod can be found in the article section

    Log updates can be found in the Docs section

    Take a look at the images section for sneak peaks

    Enjoy the mod. Enjoy the game ;)

    VERSION 2.5

    - Fixed text in the Reactor Chamber terminal (Vault-Tec Facility) not showing the "Subsystems" entry

    - Added missing Sandbox area for the molerats in the Vault-Tec Facility
    --> This should prevent the molerats teleporting to nearby areas

    - Tweaked delay spawn for the molerats in the Vault-Tec Facility
    --> Now they will spawn in a sequence (consecutive) rather than all at once
    For those who are experiencing crashes or ctd's:

    These little tweaks do not change anything regarding the way the mod works, so I highly doubt these new fixes (by themselves) solve the crash issue.

    However, there is a difference.

    Previous version (2.4) was uploaded directly from the FO4Edit save while this one (2.5) is uploaded from the Creation Kit save. Usually the workflow should go from CK (creates the mod) to FO4Edit (Cleaning and editing) and back to CK (Finalize the mod). This last step is not really needed but (maybe?) should help to make the mod more stable (this is just a though, a guess, since I don't really know)

    This is a longshot, but hopefully the crash issue is solved this time (fingers crossed)
    NOTE: I haven't experienced any crash or ctd in my test.
  2. Amphrax
    • member
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    Can you please add a Power fusebox in the Fizztop Grille patio like the one downstairs?
  3. WolfesBite
    • member
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    Used the mod fine for a while until recently. Now for seemingly no reason, and with no new mods added, it seems to simply forget it exists. Cannot enter settlement mode anymore and all removed textures stay gone. I can only go into settlement mode in SOME areas.

    Nuka Town Market works but all areas surrounding it are broken.
    Transit Center Broken.

    So far roughly half of the locations listed in the description are broken.
  4. danono
    • premium
    • 68 posts
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    Anyone know how to exit the vault after the mole rats attack? once they are killed off I can not fast travel, exit or even save a game. Can't find a conflict so I walled off the empty section. Anyone who has had this problem found a solution?
  5. ninalyn
    • member
    • 8 posts
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    Just giving the little thumbs-up endorsement doesn't feel like enough, so Imma write a comment for anybody on the fence about this mod:

    I really, really, really do not like Nuka-World the DLC. It feels really lacking for those of us who don't feel like being raiders, and has a ton of unused wasted space that does . . . nothing.


    With very little exception, you could tell me this mod is what Bethesda "meant" to do, and I'd believe you. There are a variety of locations, just like in the regular Commonwealth--ranging from giant settlements (including finally doing something with the frigging park!) to tiny little caches of loot to things that leave me going " . . . . you just put this here for flavor's sake, didn't you." (That last kind is the best, honestly--even though it adds nothing in terms of loot or settlement value, it makes the world that much richer.) I actually paused my game to pop over here because I realized I hadn't said anything about the mod yet, but when I head back in, I will be wandering around Nuka-World finding new locations.

    My favorite thing: IT DOESN'T FEEL CHEATY. Some mods are like "ah yes, here is a new settlement for you, complete with a thousand Fusion Cores, half a dozen legendary items, and obscene amounts of rare resources." This one is like "ah yes, here are new settlements and locations for you, with a few goodies. Have fun figuring out the rest!" And oh, do I.

    I agree with the person who said it seems like Scrap Everything doesn't play nicely with this mod, but given that they are in fact mods and not official material (no matter how seamlessly they blend with the base game!), that's just kind of an occupational hazard. If you're on the fence, definitely check it out. It's taken one of my least-favorite parts of the game and made it into a personal "and now, time to go have some REAL fun" location.
  6. takatoriyama
    • member
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    Riverside and Fizztop settlements are working fine, but at the Hubologist's camp I can't enter workshop mode or for that matter find the workshop.

    Is there a quest to unlock it?
  7. Dreadlight
    • member
    • 112 posts
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    This is a really important overhaul for a Desert landscape.

    My only question is this:

    I have the mod " Nuka World - Skip raiding your own settlements " so i skip home sweet home and not raid my commonwealth settlement.

    Can I plan my raider flags in this new locations and have them as multiple raider outposts without angering Minutemens ?
  8. nicelyinconspicuous
    • member
    • 93 posts
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    Will I break anything if I turn any of these into raider Outpost via shank's hit quests? Sounds like things could get tangled up. Anyway, really cool mod, thanks for sharing.
  9. _Nite_
    • member
    • 764 posts
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    Found a problem, when the Vaultec facility workshop gets attacked, the built in power and water pumps have no options to repair them, all I see is ESC when I hilight them in workshop mode

    so I can't rely on them and will just have to add my own power and water, thankfully ya left a dirt patch for the ground based water pumps that come with the settlement DLC
  10. jeeeeem
    • supporter
    • 10 posts
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    Great mod! Working well so far with Sim Settlements.

  11. jdg916
    • supporter
    • 36 posts
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    I was wondering if this is compatible with the transfer settlements mod?
    1. UnseenNote
      • member
      • 33 posts
      • 2 kudos
      Yes, the Transfer Settlements mod checks for Workshops multiple different ways, so it should work with any settlement mod.