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This Version of Greentop Nursery is a real jack of all trades, including food, shops, massive space for 36 settlers and an approved defensive system. All you need are the Fallout 4 DLCs, since it was built without mods - aesthetically pleasing as possible.

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22.07.19 || Somerville Place - release
25.03.18 || The Slog - release
13.03.18 || Croup Manor - release
06.12.17 || Sanctuary Hills - release

||| Greentop Nursery |||

An ancient greenhouse next to a rotten villa, thats what most people were thinking about Greentop Nursery. Besides its two original inhabitants, no one wanted to invest time in a location without defences and only few options to trade around.

That´s until the MinuteMen came along: By fortifying Greentop, they not only left their stamp, but also encouraged further development by attracting more settlers. In it´s current state, the village is one of the Big 5 that stabilize the entire trade network, connecting Sanctuary, County Crossing and Far Harbour. Moreover Greentop Nursery supplies the Starlight Facility with additional food and offers the most advanced clinic in the north-eastern region of Boston.

Greentop Nursery in Details

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If you want to test the blueprint and save time - you can download the provided savegame instead.

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My general goal is to deliver high quality content. That means I invest a high portion of my leisure time into this project. For that reason any endorsement is highly appreciated.
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Personal thanks to the two people who supported me financially and thus encoruaged me to get this done.
Further thanks to CDANTE, who is the author of Transfer Settlements. A great mod by a competent and helpful modder. In addition, thanks to:


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