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Adds a new, fully snappable shipping container building kit, made from vanilla assets. Available in 8 colours (one of them a new rust look), includes beautiful custom doors!

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Are you tired of traditional housing? Are you painfully hip? Are you just plain dirt poor?

Then you need to Create-a-Crate!

Note: assets from this mod are free to be used in Sim Settlement addons without the need for specific permission from me. Other mods still require specific permission.

This mod adds a new building kit lovingly crafted from the vanilla shipping crates, with a little artistic license taken. The kit is designed to allow you to build the way you want to while not making the process too complicated, simply build a frame and fill in whatever parts you want!

Pieces included:
  • 2 frames, one double the length of the other
  • Simple floors, walls and roofs
  • 3 different doors, one of them a set of double doors
  • Custom stairs to allow for multi-storey building
  • Windows, including a shutter you can open and close
  • Supports, to allow you to build off the ground
  • A standalone floor piece with railings for balconies, rooftop areas, etc.

What You Need to Know

No DLCs required!

This mod is 100% workshop menu safe. The custom menu is inserted via a script at the end of the structures menu, meaning this mod should always be compatible with other workshop mods. Before uninstalling this mod, simply craft the uninstall chem at a chemistry station (under Utility) and use the crafted chem ("Uninstall Create-a-Crate"), then you can remove the mod without harming your menus.

The kit has 8 menus for the 8 different colours available, 7 are the vanilla colours from the game, 1 is a beautiful custom rust texture created by the ultra-talented Sarinia. Mmm, tetanus.

Snapping is king here, everything can snap to everything else clean and easy. Your frame is the starting point: floors, walls, roofs, doors, etc will all snap to your frame. And the frames can snap to each other allowing you to make huge, complex structures. If you want to build something vanilla that snaps to the crates, that's fine too, vanilla floor pieces and stairs can snap to the frames!

The larger crates need beam and pillar pieces to be used to fill the gaps between walls, floors and roofs. There are reasons for the gaps, too boring to explain.

All models are custom, with accurate but optimised collision and navmeshed where it's needed. Snapping has been tested to cut down on difficulty making everything play nice.

Known Issues

  • NPCs are idiots, I've tried my best to make sure they stand the best chance of being able to walk around freely but doing so is complicated and doesn't always work.
  • Wooden floors, stairs and the pallet floor appear in every different colour menu despite being the exact same pieces, this is to cut down on time switching between menus.

The Future

I have plans for at least one update for the mod, with some cool extra features I just haven't had time to implement yet. No, I won't tell you what's planned, just that it's all incredibly groovy.

Note for mod authors: The doors in this mod were animated in 3ds Max, if you're interested in making your own doors or other nif animation please check out this tutorial I wrote, also downloadable as a PDF from my files. I plan on writing more in the future as I pick up new tricks, so stay tuned.