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Insanity's Katana, Tanto and Belt - CBBE, AE and Visible Weapons support.

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I don't care if you think the swords should be called something else. Nor do I care which way you think the scabbards should be orientated. They're named after and based off of the original models, that's all.


This mod adds several additional features to Insanity's Celtic Katana and the belt scabbard for it added with Armorsmith Extended.

  • Combines the tanto scabbard with the katana scabbard belt (see pictures),
  • adds katana and tanto as armor items that can either be attached to the scabbard belt or held in the left hand and,
  • adds support for the Visible Weapons - 3rd Person Holster so you can actually unsheath your blades of death!

Shouldn't conflict with any mod that I can think of, although the handheld scabbards will not play nicely with anything that adds a mesh to your left hand. The mod uses slots 56, 57, 58 and 59 so anything in those slots may get unequipped.

Does not modify either Insanity's Katana or Armorsmith Extended, adds new meshes and a texture but otherwise uses the existing textures from both mods.



Download via NMM and activate.or download zip and install via NMM.


Unpack zip file into \Data folder, usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Fallout 4\.


Check out the video in the videos tab of this page for a more detailed guide on how to get the items and configure them to work with Visible Weapons. Audio quality is not good. Someone remake it with better audio for me? :(

The new belt, katanas, tantos and scabbards should be creatable via the Armorsmith Bench but can also be found via the console. You will need to equip the scabbard(s) along with the required swords for it to look and work correctly.

If you want to use the belt scabbard you will also need to equip the hip katana and hip tanto pieces too, otherwise you'll have an empty scabbard. The same applies to the handheld scabbards.

Note: The handheld scabbards use the same slot, so you either use the katana scabbard or the tanto scabbard, you cannot use both. 'Cos that'd look stupid. You also cannot use the belt and handheld scabbards together, again 'cos it'd be odd.

To make this work with Visible Weapons - 3rd Person Holster;

  1. equip katana weapon,
  2. equip katana armor item,
  3. go to aid
  4. use "Visible Weapons Config,"
  5. select "Link current weapon"
  6. unequip and re-equip katana armor

You should get a message confirming the link.

Repeat for tanto using the tanto armor item if you wish to have both weapons linked.

Console ID
help "Insanity" 4 ARMO
Insanity's Katana Belt - xx000806
Insanity's Katana (Hip) - xx000800
Insanity's Tanto (Hip) - xx000807
Insanity's Katana (Hand) - xx00080A
Insanity's Katana Scabbard (Hand) - xx00080C
Insanity's Tanto (Hand) - xx00080B
Insanity's Tanto Scabbard (Hand) - xx00080D
Armorsmith workbench

The belt, scabbards and katana/tanto armor pieces are all craftable with the Armorsmith workbench in the following categories;

  • belt is in the  "ACCESSORIES - BELT" category,
  • hip katana and tanto is in the "ACCESSORIES - MELEE WEAPONS ON HIP" category and,
  • handheld katana, tanto and scabbards are in the "ACCESSORIES - OFFHAND" category.

Insanity's Katana Belt - SLOT 57
Insanity's Katana (Hip) - SLOT 58
Insanity's Tanto (Hip) - SLOT 56
Insanity's Katana (Hand) - SLOT 58
Insanity's Katana Scabbard (Hand) - SLOT 57
Insanity's Tanto (Hand) - SLOT 58
Insanity's Tanto Scabbard (Hand) - SLOT 57


  • AWKCR icons (0.5),
  • World models (0.6),
  • crafting models (0.6),
  • fix belt clipping, need to figure out how to handle bones properly with Bodyslide to fix this on body types it affects and,
  • make the invalidfate/InsanitySorrow weapons craftable at weaponsmith bench.

0.7 (15 Apr '17)

  • Correct slot layout for hand weapons and scabbards.
  • Packed meshes and textures in to BA2 archives.

0.6 (13 Apr '17)

  • Added world models, now you can drop the items and see the real models. How cool!
  • Added models to the crafting benches and,
  • hopefully fixed the installation bug.

0.5 (13 Apr '17)

  • Updated AWKCR inventory icons,
  • replaced Bodyslide files with ones that actually work now,
  • gave hip version "No Underarmor Scaling" flag to fix clipping issue and,
  • added Armorsmith Extended crafting requirements so everything can now be crafted from the AE armorsmith bench.

0.4 (11 Apr '17)

  • Added my author name to ESP files. Removed Bodyslide slides and group until I fix it.

0.3 (11 Apr '17)

  • Added handheld scabbards for katana and tanto.

0.2 (11 Apr '17)

  • Update to fix injection issue I didn't know FO4 could do. Katana armor item is now available again.

0.1 (11 Apr '17)

  • Initial version.

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