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    Because of the unwieldy dialogue system which requires voiced player dialogue I've added a series of bonuses and features the player may only find by accident since there are no convos with Heather to let you know these things even exist:

    Here's what's available (bonuses based on perks can only be rewarded after Heather has been with the player for one level). Most of them you have to talk to Heather to finish up the bonus reward (she'll give you a greeting specific to the bonus and give the appropriate reward).

    Player Choosen Perks produce improvements in Heather's abilities:
    1.  If you take the second rank of Strong Back
    -Heather gains +25 carryweight
    2.  If you take the fifth rank of Sneak
    -Heather becomes (mo...

  • Heather Casdin; WHERE CAN I FIND 50 SYNTHS TO KILL?

    Here's a list of synth rich locations the testers and I came up with. It's not meant to be a complete and comprehensive list of every location where synths occur, because I bet we forgot some, but it's a fair number of them.

    Quest related locations:
    Arcjet with Dance
    Tradecraft with Deacon
    Fort Hagen to get to Kellogg
    If you are later in the quest and not going Institute Mass Fusion is a gold mine
    If you're going RR Ticon has a bunch, etc.
    "defend the checkpoint is good.

    Random Locations:
    CIT Rotunda
    Malden Center
    Sandy Coves Convalescent Home in Salem
    Federal Surveillance center in the Glowing Sea under the abandoned cabin
    Boston Mayoral Shelter
    Makhra Fishpacking <...


    1. When she  travels with you. If she is nearby when you level up you get +35 points.
    2. When you take her to a location in Tour of The Commonwealth you get +35 points.
    3. When you meet her she can hack novice level objects (she has a 100% success rate when hacking objects she's trained to handle). She will get better at this with practice. If you tell her to hack something and she is successful then her skills increase. When she unlocks or hacks five terminals she'll increase in level. With enough activity she will progress to hacking Master terminals.

    A successful hack awards +15 points. There is a cooldown period of one hour to earn affinity points. She can continue to hack objects during that time, but you cannot get more points until an hour has passe...