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  1. HeavyIronArmor
    • member
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    Works as advertised minus the auto saves during cell change. Manual saving, Quick Saving and Auto Saving from sleep are all there. 
  2. Spider4Gaming
    • member
    • 10 posts
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    Dumb idea to make godmode not functional, "infinite resources" they said, just download another mod genius! I had to look for another mod since this one doesn't offer a working godmode..
  3. Treehugger1337
    • supporter
    • 24 posts
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    Can anyone help me find the .ini looking everywhere for it, I used it once before and have either forgotten where it is or its gone. (EDIT: Found it, if anyone else is wondering its Fallout 4 > Data > F4SE > Plugins
  4. Simbe20
    • member
    • 11 posts
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    Thanks for the mod, but honestly...
    would it have been so hard to add a proper description, including where to find that *.ini file in case someone might (have to) search for it and what values to enter there?
  5. nobletramp
    • supporter
    • 2 posts
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    It could be a great plugin but,
    Not all mentioned features are working for current version of the game:
    Autosave On Fast Travel (bAllowSaveOnTravel=1) - DOESN'T work
    Saving (bAllowSaving=1) - works
    Return to survival (bAllowReturnToSurvival=1) - works
    Console (bAllowConsole=1) - works
    Fast Travel (bAllowFastTravel=1) - works

    Fallout v1.10.163
    F4SE v0.6.21

    Fresh new game. No plugins installed except F4SE and this one.
    Could author fix the "auto save on fast travel" feature or at least share the source code so someone else can do that?
    1. RickyTheOx
      • supporter
      • 5,348 posts
      • 121 kudos
      Or... just make a manual Save.
      That's always the best way anyhow.
    2. nobletramp
      • supporter
      • 2 posts
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      Sure, it's pretty obvious, but I am not talking about workaround. It's all about the feature which supposed to be work.
      I like how thin and clean the mod is so I hope author will have time to fix that.
      And btw in my personal taste the autosave is more interesting in survival mode especially.
    3. InfiniteWarrior
      • premium
      • 230 posts
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      Confirmed. Also, anything other than a full save will crash the game on load (quicksave, exitsave, etc.). May want to try another mod for current versions of the game.
    4. Gravetemplar
      • supporter
      • 24 posts
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      Saves are working fine for me. 
    5. Derwan
      • supporter
      • 955 posts
      • 36 kudos

      Contrary to popular belief, Saving, Autosaving, Quicksaving and Exitsaving all call the exact same function in the game engine. Ergo, it's not any more bad or good to load/save autosaves than it is to load manual saves.

      The actual issue with saving is as follows: If you load a save while in the same cell as a container containing a quest aliased item, the .exe of the game will store the item in RAM, while the save reloads the cell, causing the item to be duplicated.
  6. kij0te
    • member
    • 14 posts
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    Hello, excellent mod, thank you very much for your work, I remember that there was an option to enable autosave when entering a new room or building, someone can help me with that, now I can't find how to do it
  7. sophiez
    • supporter
    • 63 posts
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    Works like a charm! Thank you! I just changed from Survival Options to this, i just want a Quicksave and Save Game functions like normal, and this mod do just that, flawlessly! Had to turn off God Mode in the ini. tho, it turned on by default. :P
    1. TheVambrony
      • supporter
      • 102 posts
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      how did you turn stuff off? useing a 0 or a 2? or what?
    2. Xorpie
      • premium
      • 271 posts
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      0. Always 0.
    • member
    • 98 posts
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    Was gonna do a run without this, but got stuck when trying to exit power after to sleep in Starlight. That's it, f*** no console, imagine if I could simply have using pushactoraway command.
  9. KillerBee256
    • member
    • 292 posts
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    Thank god for this mod. I was trying my first run on survival and quest bugged and without a console there was no way to fix it.
  10. Timber3
    • member
    • 1 posts
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    Hey, I cant seem to get this mod to work when I install it.... it is not popping up in my mods section in-game,  and if lie F4SE it doesn't show there I am unable to toggle back to survival, so i know it isn't working. I've not modded Fallout before so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong?