Fallout 4

About this mod

This mod is enough for can play and maintain all the factions alive even playing almost all the missions of every faction. It is based in papyrus quests modifications. No more console commands needed.

Permissions and credits
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New Mod for Nuka-World here: FO 4-ANWGA (All Nuka World Gangs Alive.)

Hello everyone, if you have tried my mod I need your help, if you could give me some feedback, I want to add more content to the mod but I am waiting to know if everything worked properly and if you think this needs changes, the suggestions are welcome.

Sorry for the video quality, my pc are very old :(

What is it?
Well, this Mod pretends change the base history only one bit for mantain all 4 factions alive.

If the Sole Survivor go be General of the Minutmen, Sentinel of BOS and Director of The Institud,
then him must be enough smart for take better desitions than simply destroy factions, maybe doing
false afirmations, fake attacks or other tricks for mantain some kind of undercover work that make
feel satisfied to all the parts involved in the conflict.

You can play all factions missions and dont get kicked out. But remember not always it go be easy.
Some tricks has be done for do it more interesting and dont be only one simple patch throw.

At this moment I need help for test it. I do my best try to test all the changes but it is never enough.

* Base game (no DL's is required, but works well if you have them).
* Start one new game or have saved one that dont have active or played this quests:
  -Minutman Defend the Castle.
  -BOS Blind Betrayal.
  -RailRoad Precipice of War.
  -Institute Mass Fusion.
*Put this mod in the end of your load order.

This mod make changes on these missions and the following ones.

No NMM installation for now.
Only Unrar or unzip the files in your game DATA folder and active it in the game mod section.

Last Version: 0.7

*Fixed bug in dialogues at the end of the main quest. Some times when you end the main quest and you have all the factions alive the dialogues with some characters get stuck in one same line or they simply dont interact with the player.
Note: Now with the fix the 4 factions act like they win the main quest, and some times they say things like example BoS say that The Institute must bied destroyed by them not by Minutman. This happen with the intention than all factions remain actives with his post mainquest missions.

*Some minor script modiffication that prevents that Deacon become hostile if you have him as companion in some BoS or Institute missions. This is game script not one bug of this mod.

*Added the optional  file: DLC Far Harbor - Save Acadia when you inform to the BOS, this happen when you know about Acadia and this mission is added to your miscelanious mission and dont let you take other dialog with Cap. Kells. 


This mod make changes in the main quest history and in the factions quests too, then I recomend to you make one savegame before you install it, then you can always uninstall this mod and go back to play with your previusly saved game.

This mod change scripts in the base game, but this changes are safe because these changes are inside of the mod files, then if you dont like it you can delete them (you can see that it contains only two files in it, the snike01.esp and snike01 - Main.ba2). This mod dont use looses files.

Like player of this game I know that is frustrating get one bug and that it break the game, but I know that this game have many many bugs inself even without mod. I always make one save game every hour that I play.

I go to upload one video soon to prove that this works well.

But if you have fear of break your game maybe you want wait some time for get more updated changes on it.

Sorry for my english I speak Spanish.

Other Info:
This is not related with the mod, but is usefull for many people that have some problems with the game.

*If you have random CTD in specific areas or settlements and you use Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer - CBBE & BodySlide, I recomend to rebuild all your outfits and bodies in BodySlide, this fix this problem. *Some times the meshes files or the nif file are saved with wrong data.

*If you have huge lag or get stock in the area of Ticonderoga or near of it, you can use the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch v2.0 it solves the problem and many others, when you reach this area you go to get stock again and the FPS go droop for 5-10 min, try to move the view and in some point the game go to back to normal and you dont go to get the lag again.

*Never use mods that try to improve the game experience by reducing the quality of the images, especially those that reduce the quality or size of the textures known as Normals and Specular.