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With custom 1st person animations and scripted reload.

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Remington 870 Magnum Police
With custom animations and scripted reload,
you will reload the amount of shells missing from the shotgun.

360 Equip Animations Used In The Videos Can Be Found Here

1.- Introduction
We gladly present the result of weeks of hard work, a scratch made pump action shotgun with its own fitting animations.

2.- How Can I get the weapon?

It will spawn on vendors as well as in different enemies through all the wasteland, but if you can not wait till then, there is a couple of them hidden in the commonwealth.

3.-  Features

- Custom 3rd person reload and pump pull
- 2 Stocks
- Diverse receivers
-2 Sights
- 4 Barrels
- 2k Textures as default
- Custom sounds
- Custom animations
- Scripted leveled lists integration
 - 2 Chokes

4.- Compatibility/Known issues

1. Remove the mod and save the game before installing new versions.

2. The script that makes the magic happen, aka BCASF, wasn't made by us and it just came out.
This is why sometimes the ammo count is messed up or the first person animations bug out.

3. If a mod asks you to overwrite anything you can safely do it, won't cause any conflicts. 
In case you won't 3rd person will be broken.

4. From time to time you notice that the gun plays the equip animation in between shots in 3rd person. Unfortunately this cannot be fixed. The Script that counts how many rounds you have (allowing the animation with exactly the missing amount to play) swaps out a keyword on the shotgun in order to facilitate this. We know its the script because it never happened when testing prior to the script being added. At this time, this is the only method known to us of accomplishing this.  Please understand that there is literally nothing we can do to fix this that we know of and likely will never be able to fix.  Since there is no native way of doing this kind of thing. (BrowncoatGarrus: Personally, I have a feeling that this is why the Far Harbor Lever Action Rifle did not count bullets)

5. There is no custom animations for 3rd person power armor

5.- Changelog
- V1.0 (24/12/16)
- Initial release.

- V1.1 (24/12/16)
- Small fixes.

-v1.2 (25/12/16)
- 8 projectiles, not 1.

-v1.2 (25/12/16)
- New Calibers Patch.

-1.3 (27/12/16) 
- Fixed 3rd person not being able to shoot or walk.

-v1.4 (28/12/16)
- New Calibers for version 1.4

-v1.4 (28/12/16)
- Power armor animations added, fixed the reload animation.

-v1.5 (29/12/16)
- New textures.
- New sounds.
- Reloads fixed this time.
- Added scripted 1st person animations for power armor.
- Fixed 3rd person animations for power armor.
- Tweaked the damage of the receivers, now it does more damage.
- Fixed invisible barrel when adding the gun from the console.
- New Calibers patched for V1.5

- v1.6 (30/12/16)
- New firing Sound.
- New pump pull animation.
- Added option to download the old cleaner textures.
- Fixed double firing bug.

- v1.7 (24/01/17)
- Fixed 3rd person aiming up
- Fixed lvl list
- Fixed firing rate
- Fixed pellet spread when aiming
- Added 3rd person reload animation and pump pull
- Added chokes to increase accuracy and range

- v1.8 (24/01/17)
- Fixed 1rd person PA reloads

- v1.9 (24/01/17)
- Fixed shell ejection thanks to DOOMBASED
- Fixed 3rd person reload and pump pull animations thanks to hitman47101
- Fixed idle animations.

- v1.9a (20/4/2017)
- Repackaged files to single download.
-Lowered base damage from 100 to 70 for balance reasons
-slightly edited leveled list script so that a few entries are a higher level than others - should make slightly less common.

5.- Credits/Roles

Wardaddy - Animator
Covadonga - 3d Artist/CK 
BrownCoatGarrus- CK
A_blind_man - Leveled list injection toolbox (Pre v1.7 - Rewritten by BrowncoatGarrus for v1.7)
Aj - Bullet script
Nakiosan - V1.6 firing sound
DOOMBASED for the shell ejection fix
Hitman47101 for the left hand fix in 3rd person

6.- Other projects from our team:

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