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Uses dialogue cut from the final game to provide more options to solve the issue of Danse's identity.

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All right, been looking and waiting for a mod that implements the "famous" unused dialogue from Paladin Danse's files but haven't found one yet. Not finding a mod I am looking for is usually where I decide to try and make it myself. :-D

Uses dialogue cut from the final game to provide more options to solve the issue of Danse's identity. Don't expect anything too crazy, as all I had to work with was about 20 lines of Danse's unused dialogue and stuff put together from what is already in the game. Given the circumstances, the results are relatively solid in my humble opinion. Keeping it somewhat light, compatible and stable was my first priority.


Just proceed with Blind Betrayal normally, convince Danse to stay alive and... help Danse decide what to do!
  • Suggesting to leave the Commonwealth and make a fresh start will take you to the vanilla path with one change: after the confrontation with Maxson, if you repeat he should leave before Maxson changes his mind, Danse will actually go and LEAVE the Commonwealth. (Don't think many players will actually choose to do so but it is a valid option.)
  • Suggesting to return the Brotherhood will lead you to a new quest during which the duel takes place and a new Elder is decided (if you refuse to execute Danse when confronted by Maxson of course).
  • If the player is a member of the Railroad, they can suggest to join the Railroad. Danse will then become a member of the Railroad and continue  fight against the Institute there (again, if you refuse to execute Danse when confronted by Maxson). This will give you an extra option during the Tactical Thinking quest but is not expanded upon any further.
  • If the player is still a member of the Institute, they can suggest returning to the Institute. (Spoiler alert: Danse will not like it very much. :-D )
  • If you have already finished the Blind Betrayal (while saving Danse's life) and beaten the main quest with either the Brotherhood or the Minutemen; you can talk to Danse while he is not your companion to get a new dialogue option (medium repeatable speech check) that will trigger the duel quest. If you have finished the main quest without completing Blind Betrayal, you're out of luck unfortunately.

Compatibility and Installation
DO NOT INSTALL WHILE DANSE IS YOUR CURRENT COMPANION - ESPECIALLY NOT POSTGAME!!!! Just dismiss him first! (Should be safe as of v2.5 but better safe than sorry. ;-) )

DO NOT INSTALL WHILE BLIND BETRAYAL IS CURRENTLY RUNNING! Do it before the quest starts or after it is finished if you aim for the postgame option.  (Should be sage as of v2.5 for NEW installs, BLIND BETRAYAL must NEVER be running when updating!!!)

Obviously, this will clash with mods that alter the same quests (BoS main quests and Danse dialogue mainly, the others shouldn't really matter) but loading this AFTER all of them will prevent a considerable portion of issues because it will win all the direct conflicts.

While not technically required, I recommend using Full Dialogue Interface or a similar mod. This mod's dialogue options use the whole responses and may not always fit the screen entirely (most likely depending on resolution and other stuff).